Healing Weeds In Your Back Yard

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Do you have lots of weeds in your yard? This time of year, I bet you do!

Do they drive you crazy? The weeds in my yard used to drive me nuts. Pre-life-with-baby days, I would spend hours upon hours weeding my flower beds and my entire lawn.

I have a pretty big lawn and I would go through and pick them all out. Every single last one. I would not stop until they were all gone.

We have never used weed or feed or any type of fertilizer. I wanted my yard to be chemical free for ourselves, our dog and now our toddler daughter. But no chemicals= lots of weeds.

There is not much weed pulling going on in my post-baby-life. I can barely keep up with the laundry and getting a home-cooked, healthy meal on the table every night, let alone weed my damn yard.
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But last year, I realized my weeds are beautiful. And healing. I have done a little research and realized I have Shepherd’s Purse, Chickweed, Dandelion and Nettle in my yard!

All these years I could have been making herbal teas and tinctures, but instead I was neurotically picking them to keep my yard perfect.

At least pulling weeds is good exercise!

This year I am going to actually try my hand at using these herbs.
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If you do want to make some herbal teas and tinctures, the first thing you need to do is dig up the roots of  your “weeds.”

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Then wash off the roots and set them out to dry in the sun or dehydrate them in a dehydrator (this is the one I have) for about 6 to 12 hours.  Then you ground them into a powder and can use them in cooking or to make a tea.

Have you ever made teas or tinctures with herbs or “weeds” in your garden?

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  1. I’d like to do this this summer, and although we use fertilizer in the front yard on the grass, we don’t use anything in the vegetable/edible garden. If some dandelions show up there this summer, I’ll be picking them for salad. Tea would be a great idea, too.

  2. My grandfather used to wander our neighborhood picking dandelions to make dandelion salad.

  3. I read this about Dandelions:
    Just remember you must harvest the greens before they blossom or the greens will be bitter!!!!!

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