The Magic of Magnesium

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Do you take a magnesium supplement, or have you ever heard about the benefits of taking one?

Some symptoms of magnesium deficiencies include cramping, fatigue, anxiety and depression, migraines, impaired memory, and irregular heart beat.

I have had the  Ancient Minerals lotion and gel on my night stand for a couple of months, after hearing some rave reviews from friends.  I didn’t follow the directions and instead just rubbed it on when I remembered (or my Higher Self gently nudged to me that I needed it).  I also gave my daughter Penelope several massages with the lotion. The biggest things I noticed from using the product is that I fell asleep faster and that my period cramping became much less severe (sometimes period cramping can be a sign of magnesium deficiency).  I am not really a fan of the intitial tingling that you feel when you first rub it on, but I am a huge fan of the results of way less cramping!

Even if you consume a diet rich in magnesium, living a stressed out life, eating sugar and other processed foods, getting too much calcium, or simply drinking water that has been stripped of minerals can contribute to deficiencies. Many medications such as antibiotics, birth control pills, diuretics, and steroids will also deplete magnesium from the body.  Not to mention, if you have poor diegestion, you won’t be able to pull up any nutrients or minerals even if you are putting them in your body!

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  1. I need to start on some magnesium! Especially since I’ve had such awful morning sickness this pregnancy and that can be caused by a magnesium deficiency.

  2. I used a magnesium spray during my third pregnancy bc I found that I was deficient. My first two pregnancies ended with preemies and me with preclampsia. I just delivered our third child via a VBA2C on her due date. The first two were tiny, but my last was over 8 pounds! There really is something to it (magnesium)!

  3. Thanks for the info, I would never have thought to try transdermal application of magnesium! I am definitely going to check out their website.

    One nit-pick, though: I just wanted to point out that BOTH magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride are inorganic salts- it’s the magnesium part that defines it as inorganic, not whatever it is paired with. Just don’t want anyone to get an impression that having an inorganic salt would be a bad thing (actually, ALL salts are by definition inorganic)! I have a degree in inorganic chemistry, so I can’t help myself when I see buzzwords being miss-applied.

  4. Thank you so much for this post!!

  5. I didn’t know that magnesium could be rubbed into the skin. I will have to try it especially if it makes you sleep better at night.

  6. Interesting! One of my best friends just recommended that I start taking magnesium citrate or chelate for my horrible period cramps. I was thinking about asking my midwife for a painkiller – this sounds like a much better option!

  7. I get horrible insomnia (and my girls do), and forget to use this regularly. We used to do a combo of bath salts and the oil, and did notice the difference when we used it regularly.

    To add, I saw either on wellness mama or mommypotamus (forget which… maybe both!), that magnesium deficiency can be associated with morning sickness, but it’s difficult to raise your levels once your actually pregnant. I’m very deficient and had HORRIBLE morning sickness with both, so I’m really curious if this would really help!

  8. Do you have a preference of the lotion vs. oil? And for the cramping do you rub it into your belly, or will applying it anywhere be equally effective? Thanks!!!

    • I prefer the lotion. I have a little bit of texture issues and the oils is just a bit too greasy for me and technically you are supossed to wipe the oil off. Since I use it at night before bed, I prefer to use the lotion that I can just keep on. I actually do massage my abdomen now that I have learned the Mayan Abdonminal Massage technique, but previously, I was putting the lotion on my legs and I still got the benefit. Once it gets into your blood stream it takes about one minute for your blood stream to circulate your entire body, twice!

  9. Hello, can I use the oil on my 13 month old’s feet? I have the spray, so how much would I use? Thanks. I need her to sleep!


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