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So excited to tell you about  this menu!  Tricia, the founder of is a dear friend of mine and I am am PUMPED she is doing a grain free menu.For those of you that may be new, Tricia’s site is what made me fall in love with freezer cooking and inspired me to adapt her techniques to way that worked for my lifestyle and which later turned into my slow cooker freezer recipes cookbook that everyone loves so much.

I have never met a Tricia approved recipe I didn’t like, so go check out the Paleo menu now!

Her website is amazing and has over 1,000 free freezable recipes and meal plans, but if you love her site like I do, then you might want to consider becoming a member.

Check out all the things that membership gets you:

- Membership gets you access to all PREVIOUS and CURRENT menus, for ALL genres. You do not have to pick a menu and stick with it, you have access to ALL the menus.
- Menus from January 2012 to present are all under membership.
- Menus from December 2011 and earlier are all FREE and constitute our “free trial” as you can use those to see what our system is like if you want.

You can find more details here.

Have fun checking out her site!

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Disclaimer:    I am an affiliate of OAMM.  I make a small commission on any memberships sold through my site.  Thank you in advance for purchasing a menu from me! But y’all know me, I tell like it is and always rave about things here that I would tell my best friends about anyway.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.  

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  1. your links: and “becoming a member” did not work for me. you mentioned you get commission. help?

    • Hi Celia, I just checked all of the links and they were working for me. Maybe there was a connection problem? Can you try again and let me know if it’s still not working for you?

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve adapted the Paleo way of eating since January 1st and have been loving it! Higher energy, significantly reduced “brain fog,” and less anxiety are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced. I’ll definitely check out Tricia’s Paleo menu!

  3. Hi! Can I just tell you that I am SO excited to have found your website! I have been on the fence for a while of making the complete dive into whole/real food cooking. I would say I am at about 50-60% now. I am also dealing with some major loss recently in my life, and I feel like your holistic approach to life and nourishment is just what I needed to read to help get me on the right path back to where I need to be spiritually and otherwise! Thank you so much for doing what you do, I know it is probably a calling for you and doesn’t feel like work, but it is so helpful to me! :) Thank you, Thank you!

    • So glad to hear that Megan! I def love what I do, but it still exhausting some times, so emails and comments like yours really do keep me going, so thank you!! I look forward to connecting with you more on your health and healing journey!

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