The Power of Silence: 3-Minute Meditations

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My head is a busy, loud place. Know that feeling? Self-criticism. To-do lists. Frustration. Plans. Hopes. The positive tangles with the negative.

No matter how many time outs I give myself the volume level still gets deafening.

I’m building a habit of practicing silence. Duct tape the voices inside my head. At least the ones pitching temper tantrums. Restore balance. Harmony. Intentional and joyful action flows from a tranquil mind.

I’ve always been challenged by meditation. I’m supposed to just sit there? I can’t sit still to save my life. And while I’m sitting there getting in touch with my inner Yogi (and I’m not talking about the bear) someone will come along and sprinkle me with fairy dust and I’ll jump back into life with birds and sunshine on my shoulders? Puh-leeeese.

Ummmmm …. I shouldn’t speak before I really really put some effort into it. Which I did when I got tired of the chaos in my head.

We’re only human. We don’t always stay on the path of light and sparkly thinking. We do have the power to channel energy in a better direction.

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  1. So glad you like that meditation! Another one of my favorite meditations is to do the Breath Awareness (there’s a post here, but the basic jist is to simply pay attention to your breath) but while WALKING. The same meditation sitting down is SO much easier to do when you are walking. :)

  2. I’m restless by nature – physically and mentally. I’ve been amazed, and relieved, what a little bit of focused quiet can do. My energy and productivity are so much better. Best of all I’m sleeping better too. That is huge for me.

  3. Loved the idea of keeping a yoga mat by the side of your bed! I may have to try that as a little “reminder” to meditate. I also like meditating most in the morning. I feel that it sets a good tone for the rest of the day.

  4. It is a great reminder! It’s also a way to b build a habit. Wake up. See mat. Get on mat.

  5. I really really miss having the time to go to yoga, but the end of class, those 10-15 minutes of “savasana” or meditation at the end of class were difficult at first but I came to really look forward to that and I really enjoyed it a lot. I’ve tried doing it on my own but just can’t seem to find that same peaceful feeling… Maybe I need to try a guided meditation.

  6. Try the meditation that’s linked in the post. I can totally relate. Something about the simplicity of the guided meditation worked for me. For me, learning to clear out my head was the big barrier to getting that “peaceful easy feeling”.

  7. Oh my, I could have written this! I am glad I am not the only Mama who can admit to not being able to settle her mind at all. I have been trying desperately either first thing in the morning or right before bed to clear my mind and think and pray and settle!!!! Some days yes and some days NO!

    • You are not alone Heather! Meditation, most days, works like duct tape for my hyper brain. I’m like you, I tried so hard to calm my brain down – I had a 50/50 chance. Meditation has been huge for me. Some days, the chatter won’t go away completely. I do get a few minutes of calm and clarity though. Just enough that I can dive into what needs doing. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

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