Ballerina Party Pictures and BIG Birthday Party Giveaway!

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ballerina-cupcake-collage-728x728 Since pink seems to be the theme of the week, let me show you Penelope’s 3rd birthday party!

I don’t think that all moms should do over the top parties if their kid has no interest in them, or if the mom doesn’t like do that sort of thing. And I certainly don’t think this is something that “good moms” do or that you aren’t a good mom if you don’t throw parties like this. For me, throwing this party for Penelope felt really good.

This was my art time.  I have always loved painting and ceramics, but I don’t have the time or space to have an art studio, so this is my creative outlet.  I don’t paint or make jewelry or knit.  I dream, design and plan parties!

I can’t even describe what a joy it was to throw this party for Penelope.  I planned and prepared months and months in advance.  Penelope helping me along the whole way. Each trip to the craft store, each hour spent crafting, she was by my side, giddy with excitement about her party.  Some afternoons I would catch her with a roll of ribbon, wandering around her playroom talking and singing to herself.  I would ask what she was doing and it was always “decorating for my party!”

Her first and second birthday parties were at home and seemed to overwhelm her a bit. I am not sure if it was just because she was a year older or because I kept the invite list as small as possible, but this year she had a blast from the first minute to the last.  Not a single crying fit or need to sit and nurse for a bit to relax.  Seeing her so happy and joyful and being able to do something for that was exactly what she wanted, exactly what she hoped for, made my heart swell.

With the print cookbook coming out the week before her birthday and lots of promotional stuff I had to do, I was swamped and was lucky enough to have the help of some amazing Etsy artists this year.  I was blown away by the quality of everything that was sent to Penelope.

And I am THRILLED to be able to give away everything that was given to Penelope, so that one little girl will get the EXACT party Penelope did.  Everything I bought or made myself has been neatly packed away in two huge boxes ready to be shipped to one lucky girl.  Everything that Penelope was sent from businesses will also be sent to the lucky winner.

This giveaway is a total of over $800!!!!   See the last page of the post on how to enter.

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  1. Pinned the ballerina wreath.. love this idea!

  2. You did a wonderful job with the party!! And, oh my gosh, I am hyperventilating after visiting that Tutu Du Monde site! WOW!

  3. Thanks, I have a budding Princess/Ballerina who has a 3rd birthday coming up this summer! Great ideas and I definitely pinned it!

  4. Even if I don’t win, I am totally inspired to do this for my niece!

  5. I pinned some of the details. Thanks.

  6. Abbie Paul says:
  7. This would be such a fun party for my twin girls

  8. Another pin – love the cupcakes:

  9. Another pin:
    Looks like such a fun party!

  10. Aubrey Poe says:

    Here is today’s pin

    Love the great ideas above for a sweet party!

  11. Samantha Shaw says:

    Love this theme! Since Josie started dance this year, we’re planning on giving her a ballet party for her 3rd Birthday in September. :)

  12. Samantha Shaw says:
  13. Samantha Shaw says:

    My daughter would loooove this party! :D

  14. Samantha Shaw says:
  15. Samantha Shaw says:

    Love this theme! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  16. Love this party!! I have two girls who would LOVE this…they are watching Angelina Ballerina as I am looking at all these adorable ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Tutu wreath is so stinkin’ cute!! Those shoes in the middle…LOVE!!

  18. Last one…thanks again for sharing these are so cute! Looks like it was a great party!

  19. Almost forgot these cute tutu’s!! They are a perfect take home gift for guests!

  20. Beautiful party! My daughter is turning 3 in September, and planning parties is one of my passions as well! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  21. Gorgeous Party! Everything looks great and so stinkin cute!

  22. This is super sweet, thanks for all the ideas!

  23. I also really love the handmade labels and Thank You notes – great idea and so simple!


    Love the idea of the number wrapped in a different material that themes with the party!

  25. Awesome party! It is too cute!! :)

    My Link Back:

  26. Ahhh!! I love all that PINK!! My daughter is turning 4 in April and she loves anything pink or ballerina! So fun!

  27. Faith LOVED this party! I, of course, repinned her picture. I just need you here to recreate it for me!

  28. Katrina M Singletary says:

    Love this party! We are doing a ballerina party next month this would be great to win!

  29. Katrina M Singletary says:
  30. Katrina M Singletary says:
  31. Katrina M Singletary says:
  32. Katrina M Singletary says:
  33. Absolutely adorable party! I cannot wait to do this theme for my little girl!

  34. Tina Henning says:

    I have just started planning for my little ones birthday party in march!

  35. Tina Henning says:
  36. Tina Henning says:
  37. Tina Henning says:
  38. Eileen Martindale says:
  39. Christina Tissue says:
  40. Christina Tissue says:
  41. Christina Tissue says:
  42. Christina Tissue says:
  43. Christina Tissue says:
  44. Christina Tissue says:
  45. Elizabeth says:

    Amazing party!!! So adorable.

  46. Elizabeth says:

    Would love to win all of this for my little princess!

  47. This is fabulous! Here’s my first pin –

  48. Those cookies were so adorable! Love that you had GF options :)

  49. Those invitations are soooo cute!

  50. Tutus as favors is such a brilliant move

  51. Chalk labels are so awesome

  52. Plus hand crafting the thank you cards??? Um, yes!

  53. The reason to celebrate each new year :)

  54. This is how childhood should be

  55. <3 this birthday party idea!!!!
    My daughter loves ballet, she tried it last night and I haven't been able to get her out of her leotard and tights. She is 3! :)

  56. Love this idea for over the table!

  57. Such a fun party! Thanks for all the deets and the chance to win.

  58. Adorable! Thanks for the great ideas! Love everything, especially the super cute ballerina cake topper!

  59. Every little girl should be treated to an amazing party like this!

  60. Pinned!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  61. My daughter’s 3rd birthday is in two months, this would be amazing!!!!

  62. Ok last one :) They’re so cute
    Pinned it!

  63. Aubrey Poe says:

    I made these for Harper’s first birthday…they were a hit!

  64. I pinned.

  65. I pinned another great idea. Thanks.

  66. Your party looks fabulous! Nice work!

  67. My daughter Abigail would LOVE this party for her 4th Birthday!

  68. Jessica Loveland says:

    The giveaway that I have been soooo waiting for yahhhh!!!

  69. Jessica Loveland says:
  70. Jessica Loveland says:
  71. Jessica Loveland says:
  72. Jessica Loveland says:
  73. Jessica Loveland says:
  74. Jessica Loveland says:
  75. Jessica Loveland says:
  76. Jessica Loveland says:
  77. Jessica Loveland says:
  78. Jessica Loveland says:
  79. Jessica Loveland says:
  80. Jessica Loveland says:
  81. Jessica Loveland says:
  82. Jessica Loveland says:
  83. Jessica Loveland says:
  84. Jessica Loveland says:

    My last one:
    Hopefully a winner!

  85. You outdid yourself mama! That party is totally Pin-worthy.

    Pink and foofy is always a hit at my house with a 4.5 year old daughter. She oohed and aahed over all the pics. :) And the bun on your mini? So cute!

  86. Sarah Stitely says:
  87. Sarah Stitely says:
  88. Sarah Stitely says:
  89. Sarah Stitely says:
  90. Sarah Stitely says:
  91. Sarah Stitely says:
  92. Sarah Stitely says:
  93. Pinned! Great party :)


    My little girl is EVERYTHING tutu and pink right now! She’ll be 3 on the 18th of this month, and I would totally push back her party date if necessary for this amazing giveaway! :)

  95. Aubrey Poe says:

    Think this would be a great idea for creative little minds and hands!!

  96. Oh. My. Goodness. This is the sweetest party I have EVER seen… I have goosebumps!! I am so beyond happy my girls love ballet, being a ballerina myself, and this is just the most perfect ballerina party. Ever.

  97. Me and my “double trouble” had a blast at the ballerina party.


    What a sweet party for your sweet girl. You did a wonderful job!

  99. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:
  100. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:
  101. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:
  102. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:
  103. Such a great giveaway! My ballerina is turning 3 soon and I wanted to throw her a ballerina party! It would be just great to win! Have a wonderful day Stephanie :)

  104. This is so fun! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  105. Katrina M Singletary says:
  106. Katrina M Singletary says:
  107. Katrina M Singletary says:
  108. Katrina M Singletary says:
  109. I pinned the dessert table collage, but everything is just stunning! Love it!

  110. Andrea K. says:
  111. Andrea K. says:

    I love how much fun the girls are having.

  112. I have 2 little ladies who would be thrilled to have a ballerina party!

  113. Pinned again! Fingers and toes crossed – we’re loving all this pink!

  114. Pinned! Such a pretty party. :)

  115. Laura Martz says:

    What a wonderful party for a sweet little girl! My Lila Grace would LOVE this party!

  116. what a dream this would be…. so many years we have had to skip birthday parties! Thank you for this chance to win! I cannot tell you what it means to me! pinned here:

  117. what a dream this would be…. so many years we have had to skip birthday parties! Thank you for this chance to win! I cannot tell you what it means to me! pinned again here:

  118. cassandra knepshield says:
  119. pinned the pretty ballerina cards. love the watercolor effect. my ballerina daughter would love this fantastic party. lots of hard work! we do one of these every few years for each of my THREE girls! i can’t do one for them every year or i would be continually exhausted from august to january!

  120. Denise Osborn says:

    Party ideas on my pinterest

  121. pinned paper pom poms and flowers =) LOVE it (all lol)

  122. dessert table was so lovely!!

  123. loved the party favours – so precious <3

  124. it just keeps getting cuter and cuter =)

  125. I hope I did this right. I’m new to Pinterest! :)

  126. Katie Hermreck says:

    pinned tutu’s!

    I hope I am doing this right!

  127. food place cards. great idea!

  128. Such a pretty, girly party! Pinned here:

  129. last one! whew! not sure why the picture is not showing up, but i pinned it dang it!

  130. This is truly a beautiful party!

  131. Katrina M SIngletary says:

    I really want to win this contest!

  132. Katrina M SIngletary says:

    I really want to win this contest

  133. Katrina M SIngletary says:

    I really want to win this contest

  134. Katrina M SIngletary says:
  135. Brandi Burton says:
  136. Brandi Burton says:
  137. Brandi Burton says:
  138. Brandi Burton says:
  139. Brandi Burton says:
  140. Brandi Burton says:
  141. Brandi Burton says:
  142. Brandi Burton says:
  143. Brandi Burton says:
  144. Brandi Burton says:
  145. Brandi Burton says:
  146. Brandi Burton says:
  147. Brandi Burton says:
  148. Brandi Burton says:
  149. Brandi Burton says:
  150. Brandi Burton says:
  151. Brandi Burton says:
  152. Brandi Burton says:
  153. Brandi Burton says:
  154. Aubrey Poe says:

    I love the idea of having a make your own…party. Good for busy hands and creative minds.

  155. Aubrey Poe says:

    Love great and interesting ways to serve guests.

  156. Aubrey Poe says:
  157. Jessica Loveland says:

    Have you chosen a winner yet!!! I hope I win!!!

  158. Stephanie, The party turned out amazing! Congrats on such a fun time celebrating another year with family and friends! I’ll definitely be “borrowing” some of your ideas for my little girls party in the Fall. All the best – Laura

  159. I love this party! How beautiful and sweet! I pinned!!

  160. Any of my little girls would love this party!
    I pinned!

  161. Gorgeous invites! I pinned!

  162. I love it! So cute! I pinned

  163. So I have went crazy, because I love so many of your party planning ideas. I feel like I just went on a pinning craze :-)

  164. Love this idea, so simply but adds such a nice touch:

  165. I have already forewarned a friend we have some flower making to do!!

  166. I would love to win this party! You did such a fabulous job! Cutest ballerina party I have seen!

  167. Kimberly Wagner says:

    Pinned it! Super adorable theme for a little girl!

  169. I don’t know if Canadians can enter but I would love this for my daughter who is turning 3 in May!

  170. These invitations are amazing!

  171. The tulle number is genius.

  172. You did a great job with everything. I hope I can recreate it for my daughters first birthday!

  173. OMG this would be a dream come true for my daughter!!!! She is going to be 3 at the end of April, and we both oooo’d and ahhhh’d over this gorgeous party! :) We didn’t get to do very much for her for her first couple birthdays and would love to do something as amazing as this for her! Thanks for this wonderful give-away opportunity Stephanie! We pinned all your great ideas….hoping we have a chance!! :)

  174. LOVE the idea!!! My 5 year old would go crazy for a Princess Ballerina Party!

    Loved these ideas for serving drinks!

  176. Is there anything more adorable than these sweet girls in their tutus??

    Makes me sooooo excited to possibly have the chance to do this for my daughter!!

    LOVE this banner…..TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS!!

  179. Love this idea for giveaways!!!

    Thank you Stephanie!! We’re hoping hoping hoping!!! :)

  180. Never hurts to keep on pinning! ;-)

  181. Victoria Bates says:
  182. What a creative theme – very inspiring fore planning my own three year old to be’s upcoming party!

  183. Such an inspiring theme – my 3 year old to be would adore it!

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