Unlock Your Greatness Event with Sarah Finks (I’m a Speaker!)


The Unlock Your Greatness Event

With a Free Pass for YOU!

January 28th – February 1st

Did you know that the majority of women today describe their life as fine?

There is certainly nothing wrong with fine. But have you ever imagined what a little bit of greatness in your life could do?

Do you love your career, are your relationships kick-ass, are you debt-free, feel great in your body, and leap out of bed each morning, just ready to attack the day?

I honestly can’t answer yes to all those questions (we sure aren’t debt-free yet!), but I feel really good about life, 95% of the time, no matter what life throws my way.

Not everyone is experiencing this right now. There are a lot of women out there in crappy relationships, or uncomfortably single, getting divorced, staying in jobs that are suffocating, going into debt, frustrated with their kids, exhausted, bored, and settling.

I’m sure you may even know some folks that would love to improve their marriage, or find love, decrease debt, kick ass at work, and feel great in their body. Maybe you do too!

But in order to really unlock your greatness, you need more than stardust. How about a road map and GPS from people who have already done it – and want to show you how to do it too?

The Unlock Your Greatness Event is that GPS. It’s an exclusive event designed to give you access to 15 amazingly successful women who have charted their own course to greatness for themselves …and who want to show you how to do it, too.

And I am one of them!  I’m am so honored and excited to be a speaker at the Event!

A full five days of valuable information about what it takes to make this the year that you finally unlock your greatness, all at no cost to you.

Won’t you join me? Sign up here to save your seat.

Plus, there are some incredible bonuses included, which will give you even more great information and tips to unlock your greatness!

Ready to register now?  Click here!

The Unlock Your Greatness Event runs January 28th – February 1st, 2013.  Get this in your calendar now!

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