Denver, Colorado

We got to see this double rainbow on our way from Telluride to Denver.  It was a long drive to get back to Denver (I’m talking 8 hours), but the scenery was interesting, beautiful and Telluride was so worth the long car ride.

When Penelope saw this rainbow she called out, “God made it for us!”  It was so sweet.

When we arrived in Denver we went straight to our hotel, the Ritz-Carlton, Denver.  When we got to our room Penelope went straight to the big, king sized bed and jumped in. Our room, or rather our suite, was HUGE, a little over a thousand square feet.  It was so NICE to be able to have some space for Penelope to play on the floor, a huge walk-in closet to keep our three big suitcases organized and contained to one area.  Penelope also enjoyed the in-suite espresso maker. We played barista/coffee house at least twice a day.

Deluxe Suite


The next morning she really got a kick out of looking out the window and checking out downtown Denver.  I feel so lucky that she’s a kid who travels well.  And that we were able to do this family trip together and show her a little bit of the world.

The entire hotel was gorgeous as to be expected with a Ritz-Carlton hotel.  This is our second time staying at a Ritz-Carlton and truly nothing really compares to feeling of luxury and quality of service.  The Denver Ritz caters to business travelers during the week and families during the weekend.

While we were there a wedding was happening and Penelope and I got to see the bride make her grand entrance, and have her photo taken on the front stairwell.  Penelope thought she was a princess.  For the first time I really started thinking about her wedding one day and got butterflys in my stomach.

We ate breakfast at ELWAY’S, the restaurant inside the hotel and it was delicious.  I got a huge southwestern burrito thing and it was amazing.  We had breakfast in our room the other days, and we split one breakfast platter of eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast and vegetables between all three of us and it was plenty of food, so it ended up being quite reasonable for room service.  Ah, room service – a mom’s personal vacation!

We had such a great time exploring Denver.  It was cool to do lots of city things after two weeks of nature adventures.

Penelope and Peter went to the Butterfly Museum, and they had a blast.  I really wanted to go, but it gave me a chance to finally have some alone girl-time with my friend Molly, who were also visiting on this trip.  If we had more time we would have checked out the Denver Zoo, Elitch Gardens, the Nature and Science Museam and the US Mint.

We ate at Duo Restaurant one night.  It’s one of the first farm to table restaurants in Colorado and it was amazing. I drank red wine like I always do, but Molly tried one of their signature drinks, a peppadew margarita. I was intrigued that it had raw egg yolk in it, and it tasted great!

denver 1 494
The Denver Children’s Museam was so much fun! Next year when we move to South Florida it will be cool to be closer to a big city and be able to do more stuff like this with Penelope.

Here we are making some crafts out of recycled materials.

She loved this grocery store and kitchen area. We spent most of our time here.

The Downtown Aquarium was pretty cool too.  It was really crowded the day we went and since it is all inside, I felt a little claustrophobic, but Penelope really enjoyed it.  Especially the live mermaid show!  She really loved watching that.

Denver is such a pretty city.  Clearly, Peter and I are beach, small town folk.  We like lots of open space and easy access to nature, but if I were to ever move to a big city, it would be Denver.  They get as much sunshine as Florida and the winters are pretty moderate.  My friend Molly, a young professional, is having a blast living out there.  This is the area of the city where she lives, the Platt River District.

All and all our trip was full of wonderful memories.  Some things were easier this year (compared to our California trip last summer, when Penelope was 18 months) as far as traveling with a toddler and some were harder.  It for sure ain’t relaxing, but we are not going on vacation to relax – we go on trips to spend quality time together as a family, explore and learn, not only about the places we are visiting and people we are meeting but about ourselves.  Each trip reveals new information and insights about ourselves, our marriage, and our parenting journey.
P.S. This Melissa and Doug suitcase was a good purchase.  Penelope would sit on it while we waited in line, and I would pull her on it while we walked through the terminals.  It housed her diapers, some toys and a change of clothes in case our luggage got lost.   She really loved having her own suitcase, and of course, I let her pick out the color and she had to have pink and purple, her favorite colors.


Our trip to Colorado was a press trip.  Throughout our stay we were given comped stays at hotels, restaurants and excursions.  But y’all know me, I tell it like it is and only rave about things on the blog that I would tell my best friends about anyway.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.  

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