Telluride, Colorado

Oh Telluride, I can’t wait to go back in the winter.  Next winter Penelope will be just over 4, and I am hoping it will be a perfect time to introduce her to snowboarding.

Telluride has a free public gondola and the hotel we stayed at, the Hotel Columbia, was right in front of the gondola. We went on it at least once or twice a day, Penelope got such a kick out of riding it.  It takes you from the town of Telluride  to resort at Mountain Village.

Colorado and its playgrounds!  They were all amazing.  We loved exploring the playground after a little shopping downtown. I had such fun shopping downtown.  I found a Chole skirt for 90% off at a super fancy boutique and great pair of hiking sneakers 40% off  at Patagonia that I was super excited about.

From the park we walked back to our hotel through the town’s little hiking trail.

Penelope had such a blast playing in the leaves.


And she loves to give little dance performances any time she can.

We are rocking some more Tea Collection clothes in these pics. I don’t really know what it is about these dresses, but whenever I let Penelope pick out her own outfits she always goes for a Tea Collection dress.

We had so much fun hiking in Telluride.  By this point we had really adjusted to the time zone and the elevation and the scenery was just breathtaking.  Loved using my Ergo to carry Penelope when she would let me, most of the time she wanted to walk and do her own thing.

We took turns wearing Penelope because at 35 pounds, it’s exhausting to wear your kid on your back while hiking!

We also had a great time on our jeep tour up Tomboy Road to Imogene Pass with Dave’s Mountain Tours.  Our tour guide was great and full of information – it was really cool learning about the old mining towns and the history of Telluride.

See that tiny little road?  That is what we drove up the mountain.  It’s a one-way road.  It was pretty terrifying in some spots.

Penelope cracked me up this trip.  She loved playing with all the rocks.  Every single hike or adventure we went on, she collected rocks.  She would put them in her pockets and then start handing them to us to hold for her.  She would want to pick up huge boulders and take them home too.  Her imagination is wild, and I love listening to her little stories and play ideas she comes up with whether she is playing with a Calico Critter (one of her favorite toys since she was about 16 months old) or a rock.

The Aspens were un.real! on the way up.  We were about a week late for the peak of fall foliage, but there were still plenty of trees with leaves on during our trip.

What a view.

Oh Hotel Columbia, I hope to come back to visit you too.  Every morning we were treated with the BEST continental breakfast I have ever had.  It was bed and breakfast gourmet quality.  Every morning there was some sort of quiche, some sort of sweet baked good and a spread of other fancy foods like lox and cream cheese.  Every morning I ate everything – gluten, sugar, I didn’t give a hoot.  I even had  a full cup of regular coffee every morning too.  Ah, it was such a treat.

This was the view from our little balcony at the hotel.  We had our own fire place, living room and little kitchenette.  When you are traveling with a small child it is so nice to have a separate bedroom that you can close the door and then have the living room to hang out in the evening.

We ate at Cosmopolitan, the restaurant attached to the hotel one night (which is the same place where you get breakfast) and it was so delicious. The atmosphere is so warm and cozy, but it was kid friendly.  The wine list was probably the best we saw the whole trip, and there was lots of local, in season foods on the menu.

On our last night we ate at a restaurant called 221 South Oak Bistro.  The chef/owner Eliza Gavin is a current con
ant on the show Top Chef.  I did not have the courage to ask to meet her, but she cooked it up for us.  She made gluten free chicken tenders just for Penelope.  I found out later that she is a mama herself with three year old son, so she gets mad props from me for running a restaurant, being on TV, and taking care of her kid.  If she can do it, hopefully I can too (but just swap out running a restaurant for running an online business).
The picture below is of their back porch seating area.  It was even more beautiful at night all lit up with lights.

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Disclaimer:  Our trip to Colorado was a press trip.  Throughout our stay we were given comped stays at hotels, restaurants and excursions.  But y’all know me, I tell like it is and always rave about things on the blogs that I would tell my best friends about anyway.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.  

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  1. The fall colors are beautiful! I have only been to Colorado in the winter but would love to go another time of year!

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