Winter Park, Colorado

From Boulder, we headed to Winter Park, Colorado.

On the drive to Winter Park, we stopped in Rocky Mountain National Park.  And we saw Elk!  It was so cool.

Aaaaaand the Aspen pictures begin.

Love this picture of my husband.  He is happiest when he is traveling and outside, just like me.  Getting to share our travels with Penelope is unlike any other joy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all happy faces and candy canes, it’s exhausting (and I had at least two crying fits, where I said, why did we even come?! This is too much work! I hate 2-almost-3-year-olds!), but it’s all worth it for these special moments.

This picture got framed.  Love going on family hikes with my little trifecta of a family.

Meet Aunt Molly!  And my crow’s feet!  Jeez, I swear they get bigger in every picture.  It just means I smile a lot, right? Anyway, Molly is one of few women I call BFF.  She was the maid of honor at my wedding.  She is an RN and getting her master’s in midwifery. She’s awesome.

Oh, my sassy little girl.  She literally told me to take a picture of her here.  And she would turn her face and smile and pose each time the camera clicked.  All the shots in a row are hilarious.

The girl is a ham.  I have no idea where she gets it from. I kid, I kid.

The bark beetles are doing some serious damage to the Lodgepole Pines everywhere in Colorado, but the state is still incredibly gorgeous.

After our hike we went up to Grand Lake Lodge and had dinner and drinks. It is just north of the town of Grand Lake and very close to the entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park.  We sat by the window and had a beautiful view.  The Lodge closed for the season just a couple of days after we were there.  I love snowboarding and hate that I haven’t been in such a long time, but it was great going to the mountains in the off season.  Things were still open but slow, so it was super chill.

These are some pictures my husband took when he took a day trip to Shrine Pass near Vail (an hour and 20 minute drive from Winter Park), with one of his friends from college that lives out here and Molly’s boyfriend Patrick.

The town of Winter Park was low key but awesome.  I definitely want to come back in the winter and do some snowboarding.  We stayed in a condo that was very comfortable for four nights.  It was great to have a kitchen and be able to do some cooking in the middle of the trip.  We spent lots of time curled up by the fire after our day hikes. You can find out more information on the condo we stayed at here.

We hiked on Winter Park Resorts ski trails one day.  It was so hard hiking up, dealing with the altitude AND carrying a 35 pound toddler on my back, but it was a great workout!

They had an awesome city park, it has a skate park, and a rock climbing wall for all skill levels of kids including toddlers, a fire pit just to keep you warm and outdoor pizza brick oven.  How cool is that?

We even got to see some snow!  It was only about an inch, but enough for us Floridians to make some snow balls and have a great time.

Winter Park is super family friendly and affordable, I highly recommend it.  If you do go, be sure to get breakfast at Carver’s (the condo we stayed at is in walking distance to Carver’s) and some pizza at Hernandos, and be sure to get some honey to dip your pizza in!  OMG – why did I not know about dipping pizza in honey before?

Next up, Telluride!

Disclaimer:  Our trip to Colorado was a press trip.  Throughout our stay we were given comped stays at hotels, restaurants and excursions.  But y’all know me, I tell like it is and always rave about things on the blogs that I would tell my best friends about anyway.  You can view my full disclosure policy here.  

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