Boulder, Colorado

Back in October, my family and I were invited on a press trip to visit some amazing places in Colorado. I have been to Colorado many times before (the perks of being the daughter of a retired airline Captain and flight attendant) and it’s honestly one of my favorite places to visit. After landing in Denver Airport we made a bee line for Boulder.

And oh Boulder, how I love thee. This was the second time I have been to Boulder and just like last time, it has this magical/mystical feeling to me. I feel like I have come home. Where yoga, eating your placenta and obessing about food is not weird, it’s cool.

Although for all of Boulder’s weirdness and hipness, boy, did we get some looks wearing our matchy-matchy J.Crew leopard print pants. Apparently matchy-matchy is a very Southern thing and not a hip Mountain mama thing, whatevs. I represented Southern Mamas well.

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  1. Raw milk is illegal in Ohio too, but I never heard of co-owning a cow! That will be something I have to look into to see if it’s possible here. Looks like you had a lot of fun in Boulder!

    • Yeah, every state is different and usually every state has their ways of getting around it. I wish our goverment would spend more time and resources on other things other than doing armed raids on innocent farmers. We had a blast in Boulder!

  2. Oh my, this makes me want to move back to Colorado!! So beautiful. I moved from Denver to Austin in 2011. Austin’s not too shabby though. ;)

  3. Oh, goodness! In a way, this post made me so homesick. My husband and I took a belated honeymoon to Boulder four years ago and fell in love with the area. We have had two kids since then (and a third on the way!) and I can’t wait to take them with us. Among other things we stayed at Chatauqua Park, shopped at the farmer’s market, and had a lovely time at the Dushanbe Teahouse. We also had fun at Estes Park (not Boulder though). It was such a lovely trip–thanks for bringing back memories!

  4. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! You are making me miss fall. I live in Utah, not Colorado but closeish, and let me just say that I love your matchy-matchy leopard pants!

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