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How are your teeth doing?

Remember a while back I spent a week talking about dental health (some of those videos I did on how I whiten my teeth and brush my teeth naturally are the most viewed on my YouTube page, definitely check them out!) and the amazing results I had with natural solutions to my issues? Well, the same company behind the awesome brushing oils I talked about have put together a free 7 day online event where you can learn all about tooth decay, gum disease, and tons more!

Starting January 13th (My 31st Birthday!), OraWellness is giving everyone who registers for free an opportunity to learn all about natural dental health.

Healing cavities instead of getting amalgams? They’ve got that.
Already have amalgams and want to know about removing them safely? They’ll let you know.
Want to know how to avoid cavities and gingivitis? It’s there.
Ever wondered what the big deal is about fluoride? That’s covered!

Maybe you’ve heard about how dental heath is connected to other areas of the body. At the Heal Thy Mouth World Summit, you’ll also learn about how the health of your teeth can lead to things like cancer.

Let’s say that you’re already well on your way to great dental health, but you’re struggling to find a good dentist to aid you in your journey. You can also learn how to find and work with a dentist to achieve your holistic dental health goals.

Did you know that mercury can lead to emotional changes, decreased cognitive functioning, and muscle weakness? Continuous exposure from mercury in amalgam fillings can lead to toxic levels in the body. But guess what? There will also be a speaker for that little problem.

There will be 7 days of presentations with 3 speakers each day. That’s a ton of information to cover and it’s all being given to you totally free. Think of all the books you don’t have to get, all the reading you don’t have to do, and all the frustration you don’t have to experience by simply signing up and giving a little bit of time to tune into these speakers each day.

You can only gain from this experience!

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  1. I am signed up! I can’t wait for this and am really looking forward to it! Thanks!

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