Chick-fil-A is Crap Food Even if it’s Delicious

One day back in August, when I was still getting into the habit of our morning school routine, I made Penelope’s lunch but didn’t realize I forgot to actually take it with us until we were at school. Penelope goes to a school that is a good 30 minutes from our house, so I didn’t have time to go all the way home and then all the way back to drop it off.

So I told Penelope’s teacher that I would  just go to the Chick-fil-A nearby and get her a kid’s meal and that today was just going to have to be a crap food day.

Another mom was near by and overheard what I said. Her response? “Chick-fil-A is not crap food!”  I said, “Um, well it’s a little bit better than McDonald’s, but it’s still crap food in my book.” Thank goodness that was the end of the conversation, but it got me thinking.

How many moms actually think that Chick-fil-A is not crap food – and why? Well, it’s easier to say it’s better than McDonald’s. They use real meat, and it’s chicken, not hamburger, so that’s got to be healthier, right? And it’s usually a little cleaner… the employees a little nicer… and just a little more wholesome-feeling. When you’re mentally debating the benefits of a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich vs. a Big Mac, Chik-fil-A looks a heck of a lot healthier. And like I said, maybe it is – a little bit. But there’s still plenty to stay away from.

Now, clearly, I have no problem going to Chick-fil-A every blue moon. I subscribe to the 80/20 rule and eat everything in moderation.  But I am not deluding myself into thinking that Chick-fil-A is good for me.   I am not going to beat myself up for eating it on rare occasions, but I am real with myself and know 100% that it is no way shape or form good for me.

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  1. I would say that majority of the food is not healthy. However, compared to most fast food restaurants the food is slightly healthier & much better tasting. The restaurant itself as a whole is good. No matter what your religious beliefs are, you cannot deny that they have high quality customer service and restaurant locations.

    • Yup, it is def slightly better than McDonald’s and Wendy’s. And although this post was only about the food, I agree, the costumer service there is great.

  2. Yes I agree, although I love some Chick-fil-A it is crap food! It’s deep fried for crying out loud. Luckily we do not have them here where I live, but when I go back home it’s usually mandatory that we stop at breakfast once to get chicken biscuits :-) But I’m kinda disappointed to hear they do not use natural/hormone free chicken.

    What are your thoughts on Chipotle? We don’t eat fast food either, but Chipotle is our #1 exception, which they do have organic chicken, dairy products, and locally grown veggies.

    • I like Chipotle. I haven’t researched the company much and don’t know what cooking oils they use, but I do love that they have some organic products.

      • Amanda Wilkinson says:

        Isn’t Chipotle owned by McDonald’s? Hmmm…

        • I don’t know. But I wouldn’t be surprised. So many great small, organic companies have been bought up by Coke, General Mills, etc.

        • Corrine Engelgau says:

          McDonalds used to be a major investor in Chipotle, but in 2006 they dropped out. I think organics in fast food are practically irrelevant, as Stephanie mentioned they could use rancid/poisonous oils, which for some reason, most restaurants (including non-chains) do. Cooking a beautiful head of organic broccoli in canola or vegetable oil turns what was once nutritious into something toxic. I’m really not exaggerating. Those oils rob your body of nutrients while depositing carcinogens. I understand being pressed for time, I’m not saying I never eat out, but the only way to be 100% sure what goes into your body belongs in your body is to make it yourself. I wish people who thought they didn’t have enough time to eat right would record what they do all day and see how unimportant most of the other things are compared to eating. The ONLY thing you have to do in a day is eat! That’s how important it is!

          • That’s interesting they pulled out in 2006, I wonder why? Yup, eating and what you put in your body is very important! I always as long as you always moving in the right direction, one foot in front of the other, constantly trying to do better about what you put in your body, you are doing great.

      • This post is very timely. I called Chipotle just yesterday to ask about the oils that they use. I told the gentleman that my child is allergic to soy. He told me that NOTHING is safe for him to eat because everything is cooked in soy oil or cross contaminated with it. He said that the grill is brushed with soy oil, the lettuce touches soy oil, and the rice is contaminated as well. :(

        • I figured they used some sort of crap oil, thanks for letting us know. If you don’t have a soy allergy, then I would be ok eating there on occasion, but the really only way to get truly healthy food is to eat at a super fancy, small, local restaurant or make it at home yourself.

    • Fantastic to know — I will definitely be looking into Chipotle and their ingredients and cooking oils as well!!!

  3. I agree with you. It IS crap food. Tasty crap food, but crap food nonetheless. I stopped eating there once I found out about them supporting hate groups. I don’t care what his beliefs are or that they are different than mine but I draw the line when my money supports hate groups. It’s too bad because like the others have said, the restaurants are usually clean, the staff are friendly and courteous and the food tastes good. I think I read somewhere that they no longer support hate groups but the whole debacle left a bad taste in my mouth and I just don’t eat there anymore. My butt is happy though because those chicken biscuits are friggin’ tasty.

  4. My daughter only eats the squeeze pouch and occasionally the yogurt (which I consider a pudding), so I don’t think it’s that bad.

  5. Amanda M. says:

    Total crap food. :-/ Yes, I eat it, too. Yes, I crave it sometimes, but I’d never delude myself into thinking it was good for me. And I also am NOT a fan of the anti-LGBT bit, too…but I thought I read they are no longer financially supporting those organizations?

  6. Agreed. All fast-food is exactly what we call it, FAST FOOD. There is absolutely nothing healthy about it. A salad at a large fast food chain has more fat and calories than some of their burgers, so there is NO possible way that it can be their healthy alternative to other menu items. With that said, I LOVE my fast food, but do not eat it often. Like you said, I believe it is more about being honest with yourself. Saying that it is better nutritionally than other chain restaurants is like saying GMO veggies are healthy alternatives to naturally organic veggies. The taste is to die for, as well as their service. But, it does not make it healthy. Eat it if you want, there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying your meals however you see fit. Just know that a balance is most important.

  7. I love this post:

    1. For your raw honesty in standing up for the LGBT community (I am a happily married wife, but a stronger supporter of the LGBT community). And the fact that I have debated friends for YEARS on the fact that Chik-fil-A is NOT “healthy” when so many act as if McDonald’s is cow poop (might as well be!), but that Chick-fil-A is perfectly healthy and “good for you”….. I have tried and eventually stopped because there was no end to that conversation. Chick-fil-A is fast food. Even as much as I’d like to think Subway is healthy, they just aren’t and never will be because they’re mass produced, chemically filled and overly processed products from meats to bread to sauces to anything on that menu. Of course it’s okay in moderation — we’re only human after all!!!!

    2. I love your point about the chickens from industrialized farms — I do and still to do this day want so badly to be able to afford organic meat, but my choice to transition into being a vegetarian 4.5 years ago came shortly after going to farm with my friend who sold milk cows — super skinny, nothing to erk about. But then I saw where all of the cows from all other people who rented parts of this barn, and the bulk of it was rented for meat cows and pigs. I was so distraught walking through this barn, seeing countless number of cows that literally couldn’t stand on their 4 legs because they were so pumped full of hormones and antibiotics — even their eyes were just empty. It was the most depressing afternoon of my life. After bulldozing into a strict organic diet, I realized my undergraduate college budget wasn’t going to cut it and decided to go “cold turkey” on meat until my digestive was better and I have the means to spend on food that was best for me.

    Thanks to Stephanie and this blog for her great advice, honest opinions/answers and being an inspiration to what I’m hoping to aspire to be one day.


    • So glad to hear that. This post was really about the quality of food and not politics and religion, but I do care very much about human rights issues. I hear ya, I was a vegetarian for a very long time before I knew that I could go to a small local farm and buy my meat or buy them from a good grocery store. I simply opted out. Thankfully I have always been able to afford good food, but I totally understand opting out until you can afford it. Try to find some good quality pastured eggs and Kerry Gold butter is from grass fed cows, to keep your nutrients stores up until you can afford good meat again.

  8. You forgot to add that they also have MSG, that’s what makes keep wanting to eat the crap! lol

  9. Very interesting information! Thank you for this post! I do like chick-fila but smart enough to know its not healthy. To add to all of the things you said they are also full of MSG. However I also go by the 80/20 rule. I find more balance that way.
    Btw… I just discovered Jason’s Deli! I really loved it there! With many fresh, local and organic choices on the menu it’s a great option for “fast food”. That and I do love Chipolte as well!

  10. I think that 80/20 rule is pretty good, you or your children get to try fast food. Notice on Pinterest that they have copy cat recipes for some of their stuff. Yes know that you were caught out not having your daughter’s lunch and you made sure she had something. We don’t have them in Australia. But we do have McDonalds.

  11. I just happened upon your blog while on Pinterest, and I have to say that I LOVE it! It’s rare for me to spend time reading several posts at once from a new blog, but I’m really enjoying reading yours. I think I’ll be a loyal fan from now on!

    About this post; thank you! I stopped eating at Chick-fil-A when all the crap was going on. My kids still ask for it and I will take them on rare occasions, but way less than we used to. Anyway, I’m just completely enjoying your blog and have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time here tonight!

  12. What I can’t stand is how they market directly to children through public schools. My sister thinks they are wonderful because they send the cow to school events and hand out coupons to the kids. I never went there much, but definitely stopped all together when they allowed a man with a pa system to preach about abortion across the street from the largest shopping center in the south east. It included giant (larger than the man) posters of what I assume was aborted fetuses. I was trying to divert the attention of my 3 year old so he wouldn’t see it or pay attention to the man yelling into the microphone. It was a horribly inappropriate location to have something so graphic. Add on everything else and I was done.

  13. I agree, everything in moderation. There are “healthier” choices on the menu if you do find yourself in a meal decision crossroad. I did find out that within the next 4-5 years Chick-fil-A is moving to become the first fast food chain using all-natural 100% antibiotic free chicken across the board. It’s hopeful seeing that one of my favorite eating establishments is making a move in the right direction.

    • Well, that is great to hear! They really have the market to be able to switch to being a brand more like Chipotle, who also uses natural chicken and some organic vegetables, so that would be fantastic if they did!

  14. Sheridan Stanton says:

    I ate Chick-Fil-A for the first time ever today. That’s why I am online researching them. My family generally eats a diet of organically grown foods, as well as free range meat, eggs, and dairy products. When we put something inorganic, or harmful into our systems, we know… When I was at Chick-FIl-A today, I specifically asked two very nice employees, if Chick-Fil-A used organic, free range chickens, or if they were factory chickens. They said they were pretty sure they were free range chickens. Yes. Maybe free range, but fed GMO corn. My body tells no lies. That will be the last time I contribute any money to this company until they raise their standards for feeding people, up to my expectations. Period. I know its been over a year since someone posted here, but I wanted to have some input on this, in case someone else is researching as I was. There is no gray area for me.


    IF only management were as patient and courteous as it’s employees are.i beleive they do not handle confrontations well and will get defensive instead of apologetic. I cannot see myself going back no matter how much my autistic son likes it

  16. Hello. Currently, our food has come a long way and would be considered too of the line fast food. Our grilled meat is perfect for anyone preferring non-breaded chicken, while our regular filets and nuggets are cooked in 100% refined peanut oil. Regardless, everything is good in moderation. I eat Chickfila a minimum of 6 days a week due to employee meals. My physical condition is close to perfect. By adding more vegetables, my diet is complete. Give it another shot of you haven’t recently.

    • Also, while I cannot personally apologize for the behavior by other employees and management, I guarantee that this is not the “Chickfila way” and a call to corporate would be a great way to resolve any issues.


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