Nourish & Love Episode 4

Episode 4 is here, yo!

In it, I talk about how to make my Bay Scallops with Bacon Vinaigrette one dish meal, it’s no longer scallop season here, but this meal is so flippin easy and nutritious.

And I also demonstrate my 2 Minute Yoga Mama routine.  I know how it goes, once you become a mom, yoga class gets pushed way down the list.  So instead of trying to conquer the mountain of going to an hour an half yoga class all the way across town, just do yoga in little snippets throughout your day.

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Thanks for watching!!

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  1. The scallop recipe looks really good, but I can’t find any amounts anywhere. Unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who needs a recipe to cook anything. Do you have one somewhere, or at least a general idea of how much you put in of what?

    • Sorry, yes, I eye ball it a lot when creating recipes. So this is half a package of bacon, about 3 cups of scallops, about 2 tablespoons of garlic, and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, juice of half of lemon. Salt and pepper to taste.

  2. Great video! I myself LOVE yoga,but just like you said, it always ends up being last on the list. This is a great two minute routine that I am going to incorporate into my day now! I have also just discovered podcasts (I know I’m probably late to the game), but I found a video podcast that I can play on my TV and its like having a yoga class right in my living room. It has been a huge time (and Money) saver for me. BTW, I would love to hear a podcast show from you. You have a great quality to your voice.! Your blog is one of my favorite and an inspiration for me ( I have recently started my own blog), So Thank you!

    • Hey Barb! That is a great idea. Podcasts is something that have been on my radar for a long time, but the logistics of setting it up scare me, but maybe I can find some help soon! Thanks for your compliment! I am working hard to figure out exactly why people like MBL, so would you be so kind to expan on why MBL is your favorite and such an inspiration? Thank YOU!!

      • Stephanie~There are many reasons =) First is that I feel our parenting philosophies and natural and holistic approach are very similar. I am a first time mom to a 20month old, so I am still learning and I love to read about parents going though some of same things I have been through, struggled with, ect. I especially like reading about your breastfeeding journey as I am still on that journey with my son (although at 20 months, some days are trying and I’m back and forth about wanting to wean). I really admire how you have been able to put yourself our there so to speak and totally expose very intimate details of your life. That take a lot of courage and that gives me inspiration for my own journey in blogging. Secondly, I really love how organized your site is. It is very easy to find things. You did a great job with the design. And Lastly, you are very connected with your audience. I can imagine that your life is very busy, but you still find time to respond to comments and are very personal which makes me want to come back and read more! You seem to have a great group of writers and a good thing going on! So yes, I know the podcasting thing scares you, but you would be awesome at it. I hope this helps! Happy Holidays fom my home to yours =)

  3. I’m a new reader, and wanted to introduce myself.

    The recipe looks amazing, and you’re so right about the yoga. I’m a new mom, and I’m pretty good about fitting my workouts in, but some days they’re all over the place (15min here, 20 there).

    I’m in love with what I’ve read so far, and can’t wait for a quite moment to catch up on back-posts.


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