Handmade Children’s Gifts

Last year I decided that every year I would make a handmade gift for the boy.

A special gift from me to him, I hope he will save and enjoy and someday (very far from now) pass on to his own children. I know, I know, I am a sentimental NUT, I can’t help I crave tradition!

I wanted a gift that would stand out amongst the plastic and electronics, something that would stand the
of time.

I stumbled across these peg dolls and knew I had found the gift! If I could hand paint teeny tiny torture rendering wooden peg dolls, I could do that while planning every other holiday activity known to man!

In reality this project was so soothing, I loved every second of it. Despite the fact that I stayed up late at night to work on them, and you had to wait between coats of paint it was so fun!

I knew to perk his interest it would have to be characters he loves, Buzz was a shoe in.

My tips for this project:

*Give your self plenty of time since they need to dry in between layers of paint

*Don’t fret about being perfect they will be perfect in the receiver’s eyes, they are homemade and should look as such

*Do NOT try to do this while your child is awake! Even if they are young enough to not realize you are making them a gift a child is always old enough to destroy your work in under 2 seconds.

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  1. I got some peg dolls this year too! Your painting is so awesome, I could never do it that well. I’m just going to paint the body plain and put two dots on the face, haha.

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