Link Love 11.16.12

Next week for Penelope’s preschool Thanksgiving feast I am tasked with bring a fruit dish and treat.  For the fruit I am either gonna do this or this (thanks Pinterest!) and for the treat I am gonna make my Grain Free, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Chip cookies but used cooked pumpkin instead of sweet potato!

ViX is at a price point out of my range but they have really cute clothes!  And right now they are donating 100% of profits to the Desert Flower Foundation, an organization that seeks to raise awareness about female mutilation.

I posted this article on the MBL Facebook page but it’s such a goodie, I wanted to share here.  It’s about moms getting in front of the camera even if they don’t like what they see.

Penelope’s birthday turned out pretty damn near perfect.  Despite forgetting essentials like her ballet slippers and a lighter, it went off without a hitch.  I don’t have pictures that my friend took to share yet, and I actually have the big reveal planned for January.  I am also going to be doing the biggest giveaway in the history of MBL.  One lucky little girl will win almost the exact party Penelope had!!  So stay tuned!!

The Monday after her birthday I had my official print cookbook launch event at a friend’s local business, The Polka Dot Press.  I probably should not have picked Veteran’s Day but we had a pretty good turnout despite the holiday.  I felt so weird signing books, but it was fun talking to everyone!   The online launch is coming very soon!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay relaxed while prepping for Thanksgiving.  Remember it’s about the memories, not perfect food or decorations.  Keep it simple.  I am not actually cooking at all or spending time with extended family.  We are probably just gonna have turkey sandwiches and go for a family hike.  It will be nice to have no obligations and truly spend the day reflecting on all things I have to be thankful for.  Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgivings with your families too!

Also, this will be the last Link Love for a bit.  Like last year, I am gonna take a break from posting during the holidays so I can have a break, but also so I can take some things off my plate and have more time to enjoy the holidays with my family.  There are other posts that have been scheduled ahead of time, so there will still be new content, just not very much from me.

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  1. LOVE your outfit! So glad your cookbook is doing so well!

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