How To Display Your Child’s Holiday Artwork

Like I mentioned the other week, I am obsessed with collecting and archiving Penelope’s artwork. I love to get Plum Print art books made but I also like to do all kinds of different displays with her art, because I love original art so much.

I wanted to figure out a way to do something special with her holiday artwork so I can bring them out for display each holiday as a part of my holiday decor.

My living room has a couple of big black shelves from IKEA with artwork from all over the world in black frames.  I also had a ton of 4×6 frames from a picture display I had in my bedroom a long time ago.

I put all her holiday art work in the little black frames and will add them to my picture mantle each holiday.  As she makes more holiday artwork, I will swap them out.  Wait, let’s be real, I will just buy more frames.

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  1. Love this! Great idea!

  2. Janeen Steer says:

    Another idea is to scan all those adorable pictures and save it on an SD card for the digital picture frames. This is a cute gift idea for grandparents or family members serving away from home who have a digital picture frame. :D

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