3 Ways to Flavor Egg Salad

On my second day of featuring fatty recipes, I figured egg salad would be perfect. It’s relatively cheap and very versatile. The key to delicious and healthy egg salad is first using good quality, pastured eggs. Secondly, you need to use homemade mayo, which not only guarantees you will be getting a high quality fat, but it is so easy to get a little extra probiotics in by the use of whey. I use the mayo recipe featured in this other recipe for Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip, which is in itself an amazing, fat-filled recipe.

For some reason egg salad doesn’t seem to be a popular dish. It certainly wasn’t something I ate a lot of growing up because we generally had potato salad. I hated potato salad and after learning about the importance of fat, I can understand why I was turned off to the idea of a big bowl of starch masked with onions and celery. It just wasn’t  good.

Then I happened to find myself with an over abundance of pastured eggs and decided to make egg salad. The rich, creamy yolks made my tongue do the cha-cha, swirling around in an explosion of savory mayo with garlic, chives, and paprika. It was delicious, it was satisfying, and most importantly, it was so very healthy. That was my first attempt at egg salad and while it was amazing, I knew I could do better.

Over time I found that there was a large variety of healthy combinations I could make with my egg salads. As someone who struggles to make ends meet, I really love being able to utilize a simple base of hard boiled eggs and mayo to use up spare ingredients and get a very filling meal.

I’ve listed some of my favorite egg salad combinations below, but I’m a big proponent of following your taste buds to find what suits you best, so don’t be afraid to try your own combinations! There are numerous ways to eat these egg salads – sourdough bread, crackers, pita, etc. – but I prefer to use it as an opportunity to get some veggies in by wrapping it in lettuce.

So basically add hard boiled eggs and mayo together, usually I do a two eggs to 1 teaspoon of mayo, and then add whatever flavor combinations you want.

Guacamole Egg Salad
Lime juice

On the Ranch Egg Salad
Sour cream
Dijon mustard

Gyro Egg Salad
Tzatziki sauce
Feta cheese crumbles

Do you have any amazing combinations for egg salad? I’m always on the look out for new ideas because this is such a simple and healthy lunch idea so please share!

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  1. I like curry powder in mine sometimes…I’m just plain jane though, don’t usually add anything else except mayo, salt, pepper, and a little mustard :) Maybe you have some suggestions that would go well with curry?

  2. another great one: make your classic egg salad recipe (or make deviled eggs), and add 1/2-1 tsp. (depending on how hot you like it!) of prepared wasabi paste. sprinkle on top with toasted sesame seeds. wow!


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