Nourish & Love Show Episode 2: Eggplant Parm & Squatty Potty


Episode 2 of Nourish & Love, my new YouTube webshow!  In it, I explain how I make my grain-free eggplant parmesan and I talk about the genius product Squatty Potty.  You don’t want to miss it!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hey Stephanie! I love eggplant Parmesan- I just have a question about the glass dish. I formerly would double recipes (often summer ratatouille) and freeze one in a glass dish. Then I read that freezing items in glass is a bad idea because the temperature extremes make the dish itself weaker and more likely to crack or explode in the over. Have you ever experienced this? I would rather use the glass I have than buying tin throw-aways…

    • I have never had a glass dish break on me. I do let my dish sit in the fridge for a few minutes, then on the counter to get to room temperature before heating it up. So I think it’s the extreme changes in temperature that happen in a quick time period that can break glass.

      • Thank you! Maybe I’ll try freezing in the glass again now that it doesn’t seem ‘certain’ it will explode into my oven!

    • Hi! I just found your website via “Real Food.” LOVE it. You do everything that I’ve been thinking about and trying to do for many years. Now, however, I have the added challenge of incorporating all my healthy living ideas into a life of 2 young tots, work and single parenthood! The next few months I have dedicated myself to getting my dinner routine better organized (like so many). I have been freezing food myself FOR YEARS and do it as much as possible with my kids. I’m also trying to replace plastics/harmful chemicals etc. Question: What glassware w/ tops do you buy? Also, do you buy plasticware to freeze too? Also, do you have a 2nd freezer? I have a large fridge w/ freezer, but the freezer is already currently stuffed w/ how much I freeze food (I make homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner for my kids and me and freeze it all–even pancakes, etc.!). Lastly, do you know of a good waffle iron that doesn’t stick yet doesn’t have harmful chemicals on it? Replacing store bought waffles is my last goal for breakfast.

      THANK YOU! I loved the squatty potty episode. All good.

      • I have bought all kinds of different glass ware, always looking for a sale or good deal. Just make sure it is pyrex, heavy duty glass. I freeze my slow cooker freezer recipes in plastic freezer bags, although I am experimenting with resuables bags right now. I do have an extra freezer, two in fact. I have my inside fridge and freezer, and a garage fridge and freezer (a much smaller/uglier/cheaper one than my inside fridge) and a 7 cubic foot deep freezer in my garage as well.

  2. I LOVE that you sat on a toilet to show us the Squatty Potty! I may just have to take your dare. :)

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