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The other day, I was in one of my favorite shops, The Polka Dot Press, checking out the new merchandise since the big expansion, and I made a bee line for these ABC Magnets.

Penelope has a magnet board in her playroom that is actually a oil drip pan from a car repair shop.  And she loves playing with her magnets.  She will line them all up or make different shapes and then come tell me not to touch her art.  She is a bossy girl, like her mama.

Kim, the owner of The Polka Dot Press designed these ABC magnets and has them in several different options: a set of blue, pink or a primary color set.  In her shop, she also has numbers and colors.   You can find them on Facebook here, she posts new products and exclusive sales there all the time.

I am going to give Penelope her set for her birthday coming up in November, I know she will love them.  I am such a planner that I buy her birthday and Christmas presents all year long and tuck them away so I don’t have to make huge purchases all at once.

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A winner will be picked (via on September 26th. Full giveaway details are on the policies page.

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