Photo Shoot Blooper Reel

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In case anyone thinks I have turned into a glamorous model or that I am photogenic all the time, here is the blooper reel so you can feel better.

Also, for full disclosure, in all the shots, good and bad,  I am wearing spanx and a padded pushup bra.  I have told you all about my saggy, deflated boobies already.

For your viewing pleasure….


This is my “Bitch, what did you just f-ing say?” face:

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  1. These made me laugh! The photos you posted look great though!

  2. and I mean your comments paired with the photos! (not just the photos :)

  3. This made my day. We just had a photo shoot to announce we are pregnant with twins…and we have a 15 month old boy and of course wanted him in the photos.
    The outtakes are ridiculous!! My husband and I still look at them to get a good laugh. We did the row of feet with the quote “expanding our family by 4 feet” and about 90% of the pictures are of our toddler kicking his shoes off and doing the famous toddler jello body and laying on the sidewalk.
    Take a peak at the finished ones…these seriously are the only ones that came out decent!!! :)

  4. Hahaha! I love your humility. I loved the “good shots” and I love these ones too! :) Your friend did excellent work and you look simply stunning, even in the bloopers!

  5. You can still rock the red lipstick better than anyone I know….so funny! :)

  6. I needed that today!! Way to keep it real!!!

  7. Stephanie I loved this, you rock!!!

  8. The first pic/caption was worth the entire post! LOL! Thank you for this today :)

  9. I laughed so hard at the 2nd to last photo. It’s nice to see behind the scenes a little. You look fabulous though, love the bloopers.

  10. oh my heck. i love you even more for posting this.

    b!tch what did you say? is my personal favorite.

    you still look beautiful. just saying.

  11. I love these! You know as well as I do is that there are always going to be good and bad photos at a shoot!! I actually love the last one though, with the clovers. Very organic! ;)

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