Roasted Carrot Coulis

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Oh, this recipe for roasted carrot coulis is so good!!  After I made it, I just ate off the pan with a spoon for awhile until I forced myself to stop.  I put it on crackers with a little feta cheese on top.  OMG.   My husband, who HATES vegetables, inhaled this dish.

Anyway, this recipe is really for putting on top of fish, chicken or pork.   And it freezes great.  Ya’ll know I don’t mess with cooking anything that doesn’t freeze great.

And ya’ll know I double batch everything so I had enough for supper and then another dinner later on.

Bell peppers are still in season around here, so this is a great recipe to “put up” a bunch of peppers if you have them from your garden or farmers market.

I learned a variation of this recipe at a cooking class I took earlier this summer.  If you are local, you must check out Publix’s cooking school.  Chef Tony is amazing!

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  1. Oh yes…this sounds great. A great dipping sauce, like hummus. Thanks!

  2. Charlie1275 says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
    I didn’t have onions or red bell peppers on hand, so I substituted green bells and yellow squash instead and upped the garlic a bit. Fantastic!!

  3. This is awesome! Only problem I can never make enough to freeze. We always finish it before I can even think about freezing! Thank you!

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