Healthy DIY Spice Mixes

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Spice mixes are not exactly a unique concept for making yourself and there are a bajillion recipes out there that are all vaguely similar. My point of this post is not really to sell you on some magical recipe that will transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces. What I am doing is giving you 4 basic mixes that I recommend to you because the use of these spices and herbs is a really simple and delicious way to help support your body.

People tend to think that you need to consume these things in pill form in order to benefit from them, but in general just sprinkling it on your meals whenever you can is enough. A dash here and there at every meal is enough to get the healing properties of each spice and herb into your body. While I could wax poetic about the place of seasonings in our home, I’ll simply point you to this lovely intro for Rose Vanilla Syrup written by Jenn from The Leftover Queen.

Never rely on any particular seasoning mix to deliver exactly what you’re looking for – adjust to your tastes! Learning how to pick out what flavors will match a dish and suit the palates of your family is a valuable skill to have. A great way to
these as you make them is to keep little blobs of sour cream on a plate, mix in a pinch of the seasoning and taste on your finger or cracker. The sour cream evens out the flavor so you can really taste everything. Remember: if a particular ingredient is more costly or you know you don’t like it, use less or leave it out, it won’t make that much of a difference.

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