DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

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I will so have to try this soon!  I don’t have a fancy silhouette and paying someone to monogram is very expensive, so this is the perfect alternative. -Stephanie 

Ok, bear with me, tutorials aren’t really my thing – and actually this is my first tutorial with step-by-step pictures .

Onto the goods! I was shopping with my Mommy one day and spotted some His and Hers pillow cases, I loved them BUT they were queen sized (we have a King,) they had beige writing (not for me), and they were 42 flipping dollars! I thought I could figure out how to do that for much, much cheaper, as well as make them just how I want them. And it would need to be done without the use of a embroidery machine or fancy cutting machine since I have neither.

I wanted to use my euro pillows for this so I used an older sheet I had stored away and cut it up! The kid helped, this is how all Moms craft right? And yes, I realize he shouldn’t be holding those scissors, but I was right there and it was only for a second.

I used the pillow as a template and cut two pieces for the front, and then two pieces a little bit larger vertically for the back.

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  1. kate foster says:

    Or you can forgo making the bed altogether….

  2. That also works ;) although if I don’t do it my husband tries and does it wrong!

  3. hahaha… what Kate said!! But-that is so adorable! I have been desperately wanting a Silhouette machine to do fun projects, and this turned out great! My brother and his wife have an adorable house, and a few weeks ago I was visiting, and thought his and hers pillows would be SO cute on their couch :)

  4. Great tutorial! Hope I can try to make one someday! Thanks!

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