Eco-Friendly Baby Registry and Baby Gift Websites

Starting a baby registry has been one of the most thrilling tasks I’ve had so far in my first pregnancy. But muddling through a gazillion baby websites to find eco-friendly products can be daunting, so I’ve narrowed down a few places where you can register for the cu
and greenest cribs, bibs and everything in between. – The online site of a Portland, Oregon-based boutique baby store. After a few clicks, you’ll notice that the owners have curated some of coolest eco toys and clothing I’ve seen on the Internet. And there’s no added sales tax! The only downside is the navigational tool which only displays 12 items per page, so clicking next page repeatedly can be cumbersome. – An easy to navigate site that offers free shipping on any orders over $75. They claim to only sell items that are organic, natural, fair trade and eco-friendly. The scrolling
imonials praise their customer service. – A family-run site that was born out of an environmental
ing company. They have a smaller selection than the other aforementioned sites. I really loved their custom baby gift baskets. – Clearly the registry giant of this list. We’ve all ordered from Amazon at some point. If you are already know which eco-friendly brands or items you prefer, then this is your one stop shop to register for everything, including  items not categorized as “eco-friendly”  like breast pumps and strollers. – This site claims to have “everything from baby’s world” and they definitely make good on that promise. Similar to Amazon except they have a created a robust eco-friendly section of their site. - Although this isn’t a registry site, I had to include it because they have great daily deals on eco-friendly products for up to 50% off. This website usually features 3 products at a time. – This is a daily deal site for the design-centric, hipster-mom consumer. “Kids Wednesdays” feature one-of-a-kind artist prints, edgy organic clothing, and sensible wood toys from around the world. My husband once staged a intervention – that’s how much I love all the items on this site. The flash sales last between 7-10 days. The only drag with Fab is that their shipping takes 4-8 weeks (yes, really), however, the site claims they are trying to improve delivery times.

I have two showers happening in October. Feel free to comment and suggest items I should list on my registry. You can also collaborate on my Pinterest baby registry board. Follow my board and I’ll add you as a collaborator.  : )

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  1. Green Bambino in OKC is also a great place

  2. will be seeing my baby girl this coming 3 months and luckily dropped by on your blog. thanks for sharing this great websites will check it all.

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