How to Cook with Bacon Grease

Oh, how I love bacon grease. And how, too, I rejoiced when I found out the bacon and bacon grease are healthy!  I cook with bacon grease the most out of all oils and fats.  It just makes everything taste better.  And, against popular belief, bacon and bacon grease do not make you fat (sugar and grains do, just fyi), so please do your body a favor and go saute those greens in some bacon fat, just like your grandmother did. I was too young to remember too many of my Granny’s southern cooking techniques, but seeing a tub of bacon grease on the counter is a distinct memory of mine.  She knew what was up. I don’t know how we got lost along the way, thinking canola oil was a good idea, but bacon grease is the way back home.  -Stephanie ;)

If you’re at all familiar with the real food movement, you’ve probably heard the good news that there’s no need to be afraid of “healthy fats” like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Butter from pastured cows. And thank your lucky stars (I know I do!), that bacon contains healthy fat as well.  Bacon’s monounsaturated fat is partially comprised of oleic acid, also found in olive oil. In addition to other benefits, oleic acid is believed to help with high blood pressure.

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Haley is a Catholic wife and mama of three little ones, ballet teacher, and lover of all things Jane Austen, Evelyn Waugh, and Wendell Berry. Find her at Carrots for Michaelmas where she writes about urban homesteading, motherhood, literature, faith, homeschooling, and her undying love for bacon.


  1. this makes me hungry just thinking about it. when we were first married, my husband thought it was so weird that i kept bacon grease. my family hails from the south, and i too remember the bacon grease container in my grandmother’s kitchen. and the way everything she made smelled and tasted AMAZING.

    • My husband tells a great story about his grandparents moving from their native Mississippi to Florida. Apparently his grandmother brought her can of bacon grease with them in the car for the big move. I wish I had known her! Sounds like she knew what was important :)

  2. Cassandra says:

    By the way, a good way to get bacon grease sans pan crud (which is very noticeable if you use cast iron), is to lay out your bacon on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan (needs sides) and bake in oven at 420 for about 15-20 minutes depending how much crisp you like. Remove bacon and pour off the fat, which will be mostly clear and basically just like regular rendered lard with a hint of meat taste. You can also use foil which makes clean up easier.

    Also, taco shells. I never liked homemade tacos much until I started using lard to fry them. Uuuugggh so good.

  3. This might be a really basic question – do I just take a scoop of the bacon grease and melt it back down in the pan before I toss in my greens or how exactly do I use this stuff? I have always saved the grease becuase I didn’t want to clog my kitchen pipes but I have always just tossed the grease out – I would love to use it becuase I am sure it is full of flavor but I am not sure exactly how to do this. Any guidance would be appreciated! Do you use it just like shortening?

    • I just learned how to use it a couple years ago and had the same question! Yes, you just get a spoonful and melt it in the pan like butter and then toss those greens in. They will taste so yummy!

      • Great! I will try it out with this jar that has been sitting in my fridge! Thanks for the great tip!

  4. Shortbread cookies! If I use bacon grease to bake biscuits and cookies (instead of shortening), will they taste like bacon? I’m desperate for a shortening substitute for baking. Using just butter leaves cookies so flat. I’m trying to find coconut shortening that doesn’t cost my first born, but if I can really use bacon grease then that would be truly awesome!!

  5. Carrie Berg says:

    i have bacon grease in the freezer, can I take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to use? I always have thrown it away but my husband loves bacon and I want to try some of these recipes, especially the grilled cheese.


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