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Happily After Giving Birth: 10 Things They Don’t Tell You.  This post is hilarious and I love that she cusses.  I love to cuss when I write to be funny and express myself, but I often hold back because I don’t want to offend anyone.  But this lady has a huge following even with her cussing, so that is inspiring to me to just keep being myself!

This video is just beautiful.  I wish all babies were given a bath like this in the hospital.  As a Doula who has seen many hospital births, the bath part kills me.  I think with my background in energy healing I can tap into how the baby is feeling and watching a baby get a rough bath from a nurse always makes me want to cry.

Love this post from  It’s something I have done for a long time but didn’t know what it was called – Emotional Midwifery, love it!  A lot of times I don’t go into the whole process that she describes, but I simply name the emotion I am feeling the exact moment instead of trying to stay calm and zen, I will say to myself, “I am really pissed right now,” and then it quickly passes, because I owned it, claimed it and let it go.

Oh, this water color bubble art from my homegirls over at Prudent Baby looks amazing!  I will have to try that very soon with Penelope and add it to her wall of art!

Apparently, Native American seed beads are coming into style right now.  I used to love making these bead necklaces when I was younger, I even saved one that my boyfriend made for me in highschool that I could bust out!  You can learn how to make them here.

I am finally participating in one of those photo a day challenges.  Click here to see what the plan is for July.  It’s really fun.  You can see all my photos on Instagram (MamaAndBabyLove).

Ok, my friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am not sure what our plans are.  I think I am gonna do a little gardening, I still haven’t cleaned out my tomatos that are done producing.  You should always pull plants that are done out of the ground as soon as you can, because they will continue to suck nutrients out of the ground and you will need to fertilize and rest your plot less that way.

Oh and my husband launched his blog’s Facebook page and Instagram (ThisWaterLife) last weekend!  Please show him some love!  Blog is coming soon, but he is
ing the waters with a Facebook page, finding his voice and building up the courage to actually blog.  So proud of him.

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  1. OMG i just read the 10 things they dont tell you… HILARIOUS!!! i havent had the guts to write one myself for fear that i will never have my never pregnant friends ever speak to me again! not to mention the family members i have that would drop dead at the sound of me describing dropping globs of blood out of my vagina!! ha! but it has inspired me to just go ahead and write that post! ;) thank you!!

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