July 4th Food Ideas

Big thanks to Hair On Earth for my bouncy curls, I have not worn my hair like that since I was a little girl and it was so fun!  And to the make up pros at Kanvas Beauty,  I was nervous about the bright, bright red lipstick but I trusted them and they were right, it looked great on camera.  And to Kayce Hughes for my beautiful blue dress.


So for this week’s cooking segment, I thought I would do something a little festive since July 4th is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?  How are we done with the first half of the year already?

I will be featuring my blueberry-lemonade flavored water because we are still in blueberry season around here and you can get blueberries from local farms like Blueberry Springs in Wacissa, Florida.  I have a great recipe for Blueberry Pie here.

And my fruit and veggie popsicles because they make such easy and healthy party food. I will also show how to make super quick and easy watermelon star popiscles. All you do is cut out watermelon star shapes with a cookie cutter, stick a craft stick in it, place it in the freezer flat on a cookie sheet to freeze and voila, watermelon popiscles!   Penelope is obessesed with watermelon right now, but good Lord it makes such a mess.  I usually make her eat it outside, naked as a jay bird, but if you go the frozen route then there is no runny juice getting everywhere and making a big ole mess! For more July 4th ideas, check out my board on Pinterest, which includes my easy July 4th yarn wreath tutorial.




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  1. We are spending the 4th on a sunny beach in Florida. This will be a super treat for my 2 year old nephew. I’m also going to give your blueberry-lemonade water a whirl. I feel like I’ve cooled down about 10 degrees just thinking about it.

  2. Kristine Pavelchak says:

    you are a natural on tv! great clip and I am totally doing the blueberry water with lemon! love that idea


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