Backyard Pool Party

Penelope has had several of her little friends have birthdays this spring and she has been begging me for a party for months now.  I thought I would throw her an end-of-school-year party to help celebrate and mark the arrival of summer and hope that it holds her off till her birthday in November (which by the way, my rainbow dreams have been squashed, my opinionated girl wants a ballerina party).

Even though it was going to be a chill party and I didn’t want to go all out, I did want to do something fun and festive.  I choose blue and lime green as the color combo. I figured I would make this a yearly tradition and that I could reuse the decoration and serving pieces again each year.

I kept the snacks simple.  I did popsicles, chopped fruit, cupcakes and flavored water.

I made this bunting last minute.  I used several pieces of felt and glitter Martha Stewart paint and my friend Amy has one of those fancy Silhouette that does cut outs, and she helped me.

I had intentions of making grain free, healthish cupcakes, but then you know how it goes and I just said F-it and I picked up cupcakes from a beloved cupcake place in town.

I decorated them with a blueberry and kiwi to keep with the color scheme.

Penelope was in heaven.

We had three kiddie pools (yes, one was a blow up boat, that is how we roll!), a sprinkler thingy, a sandbox, a bucket of water bombs and a bucket of bubbles for the kids to play with.

The water bombs were really easy to make.  I bought lots of sponges at the dollar store and a few tie wraps.

Cut up the sponge into strips, stack them up, I did 5 at a time and then tie the tie wrap around the center and pull as tight as you can.

Then cut off the excess from the tie wrap.  If the edge is too sharp you can file it down with a nail filer.

And not 30 minutes into the party it dumped rain.   So we all trampled inside, and it was a wee bit nutty, but thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to get back outside.

Have you had any fun parties this summer?  Do you do an annual end-of-the-school-year party?

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  1. Gotta love that Florida rain!!!! I’m glad it stopped. It looks like a great party!

  2. Super cute! I love this idea too. My son’s birthday is Oct 30th and I keep getting drawn to summer type party ideas instead of fall. But what a great idea to throw a summer party and get to use all those ideas that way! I love how you kept the food simple! And love the fun activites! Is the recipe for the green popscicles in your recipe section? Great job!!!

  3. Kelly Cooper says:

    We had a great time at Penelope’s party! The decorations were so cute and you are so brave to invite that many kids to your house!!

    • Well, if everyone didn’t have to cram inside, it would have been fine! I hate to leave anyone out, but I think for her birthday party, we are gonna keep it really small.

  4. I was sad that we couldn’t make it to Penelope’s party before, but now I’m SUPER sad after seeing how awesome it was! ;)


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