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My husband and I are outdoorsy people and now Penelope is too. Well, my husband is more outdoorsy than me. I always love the idea of camping or hiking, but I often get lazy and don’t want to put in the work to make it happen!

We try to do something outdoors several times a month. When I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed, usually all I have to do is go outside and commune with nature and I instantly feel better.

Often times just being outside is enough, but sometimes I like to be very specific in my attempt to pull up the grounding/calming energy of the earth when I am outdoors. So for example, I may lean on a tree or put my hand on it while I take some deep breaths. Literally connecting me and grounding me to the earth’s healing energy.

Sometimes I will even give a tree a hug. When I was a nanny, I used to go on little hikes and we would hug all the trees, one after the other. They both thought it was so fun and silly.

Or I just imagine that roots are growing out from my feet as I walk along outdoors and that they are growing deep into the earth, connecting and grounding me as I visualize it.

Or if that is all way too New Agey for you, you can just take a nice, deep breath and say to yourself, “What a beautiful day! What a beautiful tree!” And just take in all the beauty of the outdoors to make you feel better.

Yesterday, we went blueberry picking with my friend and her kids (she blogs over at Where Do Butterflies Sleep and she has some great stuff!) and swimming at Wacissa Springs and had a great time.

I love seeing Penelope play with rocks, shells, sands, and sticks as toys.

Yes, I color coordinated my daughter’s outfit to her activity.  Is that not the best blueberry picking dress you ever saw?  :)

This is a Tiger Swallowtail by the way.  I had no idea, and a friend told me.

Here are a few other links to some of our outdoor adventures:

Yosemite National Park

Manatees at Wakulla Springs

Fort Walton/San Destin

What outdoor family fun do you like to do?  Does it calm you down?

If we’ve learned anything from more than a century of building bikes, it’s that some things never get old. From that first taste of freedom, when the training wheels come off, to the wonder of a parent letting go, and all of the ups and downs in between, magical moments in life happen on a Schwinn. 
Life’s a ride. Enjoy it on a Schwinn.

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  1. Is it blueberry picking time already? Where did you go? Last year my oldest and I went to some little farm down the parkway – way down. We had a glorious freezer full of blueberries for months after that. (:

    • I always go to Blueberry Springs. Its off 59, in Wacissa. I have gone to farms all over the area and this one has the sweetest berries. They will be open till the weekend after July 4th.

  2. We just bought an Ibert bike seat for our 14 month old and she loves it! We have really enjoyed long bike rides and she just waves and says hi to anyone who passes us by :) It mounts on the handle bars so they get to lead instead of look at mom or dads rear end the whole time…a much better view. Anyone who loves to ride bikes with a small child should check it out.

    We also are lucky to live near the north Georgia mountains…..we love a good creekside hike especially in the springtime. Any recommendations on a baby/toddler backpack carrier that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

    • That sounds like a cool bike seat! I use a Performance Ergo and it is still a pretty penny, but I love it and feel like it is worth it. Its a carrier that can go from little baby to preschool age.

  3. I loved all the pictures, I can’t wait to enjoy the outdoors with my family!

  4. Carolina says:

    What kind of sunblock do you use on P when you are out. I’m paranoid about the sun even with my darker skin tone and I’m worried about Annie and her pale skin.


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