A Little Front Porch Makeover

If you know anything about Feng Shui, you know the entrances into your home should be as beautiful and organized as possible to keep the energy flowing well and keep it positive.  It is the area of your house that is used and looked at the most, so it should make you happy!

I have been inspired by a few houses in my neighborhood that have done some very cute front door makeovers.   All of the ones I love have brightly painted doors or have lots of brightly colored pots.  I so wish I had a bigger porch, so I could some rocking chairs with painted number pillows like these.

I was tempted to also paint my front door a bright, new color - I think a hot pink or a lime green door could have been pretty awesome, but then thought it probably wasn’t the best idea with our house on the market.  But mostly I am lazy and I hate painting, so I decided to do a little front porch makeover.

So this is what my front porch looked like before:

Blah, blah and more blah.

This was our hideous door mat.

Ah, much better. Once I saw the new one in its place, I couldn’t believe how long I had allowed it to go without making it a priority to get a new one.

And then I made this beauty.  My favorite wreath I have made so far.  I bought the wood monogram from this company, and then I got inspiration to make a wreath with burlap from this tutorial.

I intended to follow the tutorial to a T, but had to make a few changes because I bought a metal wreath instead of a foam one like she did.  I actually like my way just as much and it was much easier, no hot glueing!   I used a yard and a half of burlap, cut lots 2 x10 inch rectangles and then tied them in a simple knot one after the other all the way around.

I wanted to do the painted-stacked-pot-look, but again I got lazy.  I bought some ceramic pots, painted them lime green, and placed them on plant holders to give them the right height.

And, for full disclosure, I spray painted them.  With regular, ole, plenty-of-VCO spray paint.  Gasp! The horror!  How could I do such a thing?!

Every wall in my house is painted with a no-VCO paint, when I built out my yoga studio, I even used milk paint (now that is a you-know-what to work with!).  I was using no-VCO paint when you had to mail order it from an actual catalog because it wasn’t trendy then.  I have earned my eco stripes and don’t want to hear it from anyone!  :)

BUT painting these pots took me 15 minutes from start to finish, I painted outside while Penelope wasn’t around, and used a scarf to cover my mouth while I did it.

I am not sure when I gave up trying to be the perfect eco-friendly, chemical-free Mama, but I have.  Maybe I should change the tag line of this blog to semi-natural lifestyle and parenting blog.  ;)

And then I added some fake flowers at Hobby Lobby.  The way my porch is set up, one side gets a lot of sun and the other side gets a lot of shade.  I have lived in this house since early 2005 and have never been able to get anything to grow at the same rate and it drives me insane.

I added the green ferns last minute, but I think I am going to move them to the back porch where there are better plant hooks for them.  Plus, in order to take them down to water them where they are now requires me to stand on a chair.  Like I said, I am lazy.  Or maybe I should not be so negative.  Let’s say I am efficient and always looking for an easier way to do things.

Do you think the entrance to your home is one of the most important places?

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  1. Love, love, love it! It looks sooooo good! The wreath turned out GREAT & I love the monogram! I might order one of those and add it to my wreath! See ya tomorrow!! :)

    • Thank you!! And thanks for the inspiration! Yes, see you soon, can’t wait. Bring her swimsuit, in case they want to play in the kiddie pool.

  2. Long time reader, first time commenter! I had to stop by and say that I’ve been mulling over the “front porch make over” for a few weeks now and I’m going to pick up some ferns on the way home! Our porches could be twins- I have the same “light/shade” issue. May I suggest getting the “extender” hooks from a box store for your ferns so that they hang lower? They not only look better but they’re not a bitch to water that way. Looks great!

  3. Julie Morrison says:

    LOVE all of it!! Thankful I’m not the only partlylazydointhebestIcan momma around here! ;-) Your porch looks great!!

  4. just found your blog and I think you are charming. also I must say, if people are going to judge your eco-friendly-ness on the fact that you spray painted some pots for your house then they can just suck an egg. lol. You are a good mama…and a little spray paint never hurt anyone…unless it’s placed in a paper bag and huffed…but that’s a different story for a different day! cute blog!

  5. It’s darling!
    And, it’s so great to see someone who has learned how to have a little grace with herself while at the same time continuing to strive to give her family the very best. Love your authentic, charming and sincere posts!

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