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One of the questions I get asked regularly is what kind of supplements I take.  After I posted my number 1 weight loss tip post and talked about one of my most important supplements, the emails asking about what other supplements I take went through the roof.

Before I became pregnant with Penelope, I took a multivitamin and extra folic acid. I took it every day.  I thought I was doing so good!

Then I read The Diet Cure and realized I was lacking in lots of amino acids and other vitamins, because I wasn’t taking enough of my mulit vitamin and because, the multivitamin itself was lacking.  That book changed my life!

Wellness Mama has some good posts on explaining supplements and which ones are important for both pregnancy/nursing and children that you should also check out.  And I also have a post about what supplements I give Penelope and supplements that help with quitting sugar and kill yeast.

I use the brand Solaray for most of my supplements that I buy at a store.  About 10 years ago, I went to a very well respected, local nutritionist, and he recommended the brand to me and I have used them ever since. However, if you’re looking for a different reputable brand, check here.

Here is what I take:

Solaray Prenatal:  I will probably continue to take a Prenatal until I am in menopause, regardless of whether I am actually pregnant or nursing.  As long as I am of child bearing age and open to pregnancy, I want to be taking these.

Solaray Vitamin D:  Because even in Florida, the amount of Vitamin D you need is way more than you think.

Solaray Chromium: This helps regulate and even out my blood sugar levels.

Solaray Calcium and Magnesium:  My multi vitamin doesn’t have enough according to The Diet Cure, so I take extra.

Solaray Vitamin B-6:  I started taking this with my most recent pregnancy to help with morning sickness and it really helps.  I take it some days when I am feeling low on energy.  Most people have a Vitamin B-complex deficiency, so taking extra B vitamins is always helpful.

Solaray L-Tyrosine: This is an amino acid that helped me quit coffee.  I use it sparingly now, when I am in an energy slump and craving caffeine again.

Solaray L-Tryptophan: This is an amino acid I take this every night before bed.  It helps raise my Serotonin level (so helps with moods and sugar cravings), and helps me sleep more soundly.

Source Naturals GABA: Helps relax and calm me in the evening, to help me fall asleep easier.

Solaray L-Gluatmine: This is an amino acid I take throughout the day, to help me with my sugar, carb and alcohol cravings.

Digestive Enzyme Blend:  Sometimes if I eat a not so healthy meal or one that is hard to digest, I will take this after the meal.  Eating lots of raw, fermented foods is the best thing to do, but I like to have this on hand.

Probiotics:  A must take supplement for everyone.  The digestive nutritionist I see when I get colonics, said I should be taking 50 billion a day.

Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil:  This is one of the most important supplements to take and like I mentioned in my post, one of the added benefits of taking this, is that it helps raise your metabolism!

Protandim:  This is an herbal supplement that is pretty amazing, it increases your anti-aging enzymes and destroys free radicals. I am a distributor with Life Vantage and sell this supplement.  My Dad introduced to me when Penelope was a baby.  It has helped him tremendously.  It has helped me sleep better, and have a better immune system and reduce inflammation in my body.  I have written about it on the blog several times, here, here and here.  You can buy it here, one bottle at a time, no monthly signs ups.  Or you can sign up to be a preferred costumer and sign up for a monthly auto shipment and get a discount.  You can cancel the auto shipment at any time, no contracts.  Or you can sign up to become a distributor like me and make some money!


*Please note, I am not a nutritionist  (not that all nutritionists know what they are talking about anyway) and I am not an MD.  This is not medical advice, I am simply sharing what I take.  This works for me.  I highly recommend reading the book The Diet Cure and learning more about what your specific needs.

**Solaray did not sponsor this post, but these are Amazon Affiliate links.  I get a small percentage of sales, when you buy something from Amazon via my site.  Thank you so much for supporting this blog in this way.  

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  1. Did you take all of these as you were breastfeeding? I wanted to take extra supplements, besides my prenatal, and my obgyn told me not to take any other supplements while breastfeeding. I just wanted to know because I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t add more in.

    • As far as I have read/heard all of these are fine with breastfeeding. There are some herbs you want to avoid because they can dry you up, but everything but Protandim is not an herb and Protandim is great to take while breastfeeding, it actually increased my supply a bit!

  2. Wow. That is a ton of great information. I loved the Wellness Mama link for the pregnancy supplements. I can’t help but feel a bit nervous putting things in my body that it isn’t used to having while I’m pregnant. Do you think there is any risk to start taking supplements while pregnant that you have never taken before? I’m definitely going to take that list with me to my 8 week doctor visit to see what their point of view is. From what I read all of them sound beneficial but I still can’t help but feel a bit hesitant…

    Regardless of how I feel, I always appreciate how much thorough information you share and it is evident that you spend much time doing your research. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Thank you! Yes, this post took All those links are very time consuming. Thanks for noticing and appreciating! Oh and I think adding supplements that you need can only be a good thing. You may want to be very mindful and pay attention to your body. I think taking supplements can be a very intuitive thing. Some days I forget to take a certain one and chalk it up to my body’s wisdom of not needing it that day, based on what I ate. :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Is Solaray made from whole food sources or are they synthetic? I prefer whole food sources and thought that synthetics are hard for the body to absorb. Do you have any idea?

    • I am not sure to be honest. I buy them at our local organic grocery store, so I am assuming they are from whole food sources, but I don’t really know. Sorry.

  4. I have been curious about taking cod liver oil, but was afraid that it (combined with my prenatal multivitamin) might be too much Vitamin A. Thoughts?

    • I would read the book the Diet Cure and Nourishing Traditions and research the Weston A Price foundation. The information about Vitamin A that is main stream is not really correct.

    • Vitamin A toxicity can actually be considerd vitamin D deficiency because vitamin A and D utilize each other in order to function in the body. So if you have extremely low vitamin D and are taking vitamin A supplements, you’re extremely likely to reach toxic levels. By taking FCLO which has very high bioavailability and the correct ratio of vitamin A to vitamin D, it’s pretty much impossible to reach toxic levels of either vitamin. Don’t forget that you should always be getting 15-20 minutes of sun exposure (sans sunscreen!) every day on top of taking FCLO, which increases prevention of vitamin A toxicity. -Cassandra

  5. and here I thought I was doing good with my prenatal and vitamin D + C !!!!
    Dang, girl…it must take you a little over 10 minutes each day just to swallow all those pills, LOL.

  6. pat cox says:

    I would like to order PROTANDIM 109 from you. I searched for you on Amazon with no luck. Are you still taking/selling it. I am hoping it will help with stress.

  7. Christine says:

    Wow, I just finished reading The Diet Cure. My brain is fried! I also made a list of all the supplements I will need to take. Geez! According to the book I’m lacking in Vitamin A but I keep reading about a link between Vitamin D and A. Do you know anything about that?

    • Cassandra says:

      Hi Christine! Stephanie did a post a little while ago about cod liver oil and how it helped her lose weight. Fermented cod liver oil is naturally high in vitamin A and vitamin D. More importantly though, FCLO has the correct ratios of vitamin A to vitamin D. The body requires both vitamins in order to utilize the other one, they work synergistically. If you’re having problems with your vitamin A levels, the absolute best thing you could do is take FCLO. Check out that post Steph did and read through the comments where I’ve answered a lot of questions about it.

  8. Bridgette says:

    Hi again, about to bite the bullet and get some CLO. My question is – is it more effective to take as a pill vs a liquid?

  9. Hi there,
    This list is incredible.
    Can I trouble you for when you take each one. Some of them you mention timing – others not so much.
    I currently am nursing a 10 month old and only take a prenatal at night (I’ve had trouble with tummy woes during the day) and notice some of your supplements are for energy and others for rest.
    I know I could just use my common sense, but this baby brain could use some guidance!!
    Much love,

    • That is a good question, I will make a note of it in the post. But I do morning, lunch and afternoon and after dinner for some of them. I am taking pills all day long! I leave them out on my counter in a bin to help me remember.

  10. Hi Stephanie! I love your blog! I purchased your cookbook and I am so excited to pack my freezer with such nutritious food for my family! My daughter is almost 2 and coming home after work and having to cook dinner is very hard to do with her! Anyway I have a question about vitamins. I am starting to take additional supplements and I have a question about vitamin d. My multivitamin has 1,000IU of vitamin d and I read that 1000IU was the recommended amount so should I not be taking an additional vitamin d supplement? Just curious as to what your thoughts are on this. I just want to make sure I don’t over do it. Also which cod liver oil do you take from green pastures? I noticed they have a few different favors. Which do you like the best? Look forward to hearing from you!!

    • Hi! So glad to hear that, thanks for letting me know! You can take 40IU of Vitamin D per pound of body weight, more if you’re pregnant, ill, or severely deficient. However, you need to occasionally test levels to make sure you’re not getting too high. I take the plain cod liver oil in capsule form, I haven’t tried any of the flavors, but the capsules don’t taste like anything to me and I swallow them fine.

    • Amanda S. says:

      I’m no expert, but since you asked about flavor, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents! I just started taking CLO in the last week, however I picked up the Spectrum Organics brand from Whole Foods because I was there and wanted some right away instead of waiting to order online! :-P But anyway, I got the liquid in the lemon flavor and I mix 1 teaspoon in a cup with maybe a couple tablespoons of lemonade (I just pour a little and eyeball it). I’m not a fan of the feeling of swallowing oil and it has a slight fishy taste/smell by itself. But mixed with a teeny bit of lemonade covers it up and you can’t taste a thing. Other than lemon of course lol

  11. Alyssa Koske says:

    Have you ever taken Primrose oil? Thoughts on that one?

    Thanks for all of your posts! I LOVE reading and learning for you.

    • Hey Alyssa! Yes! I took that a lot when I was pregnant, especially during the end (and even inserted them in my hoo-ha at night to ripen my cervix!) so glad to hear you love the cotent on MBL! It take a lot of hard work, and so nice to hear that folks appreciate it. :)

  12. Woah! That is quite a list! How much are you spending per month on supplements?

    • lol, I don’t take them all, all the time. The amino acids I now take only when my cravings come back. I honestly don’t know how much I spend on supplements, that’s awful, but I do make food and supplements a priority in my budget.

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    I’ve just found your blog n the past week or so and trying to catch up on reading it all (along with all the other blogs I’m into – but so far I really love your’s and enjoy your witty way of writing) and am a new converted mum to the Weston A Price methods of cooking and shopping. I live in Melbourne, Australia and have two daughters, 18months and 2 1/2 and after recently suffering a miscarriage I’ve come to the conclusion I’m Vitamin A deficient, so have just ordered the Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil, started eating eggs every day and now we have liver, raw milk, cheese and yoghurt in our diet, along with lots of broth and smoothies. My girls both have a probiotic every day and I’ve just bought them an organic multi-vitamin, as well as 2mls of cod liver oil. As I’m trying to ready my body for another baby, would you recommend some of these additional supplements for me each day as well as the CLO? I currently have Vit C and a pre-pregnancy multi-vitamin (containing folate & lots of other things for growing a healthy baby). I’ll have to check out my health food store and see if they stock Solaray. Do you know if they ship to Australia?

    • Good for you!!! You are doing fantastic things for your families health! So proud of you!
      As for something additional, I would look into the magnesium supplement post I did. That will hopefully also help prevent morning sickness. What I am doing right now is focusing on healing my digestion, so that the supplements I take and food I eat actually gets absorbed. I have pretty much cut out all grains and dairy, per the GAPS diet recommendation. I am hoping that I will be pregnant by the end of this year. Fingers crossed for us both!

  14. Morgan Finley says:

    I notice you don’t take fish oil. Is that because you take Cod liver oil? If I take Cod Liver Oil do I need fish oil? I am enjoying your website!


  15. Hi Stephanie,
    Seems like I like reading your blog more than sleeping -.- Been up reading your blog everynight when babes asleep :)
    I would like to get my hands on some Protandim, they don’t offer shipping to Canada on their website but my hubby recently discovered he can ship to the montana border and pick up there. I was just wondering does Protandim have an expiration date? My plan is to order a few to last a couple months between trips. Thank you and the team for sharing with us mamas

  16. Hi Stephanie,

    Do you recommend taking protandim while nursing?



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