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I can’t believe my eCookbook has been out almost three weeks now!  I want to take a second to say thanks again to some of the people who made this book possible.  Kim of the Polka Dot Press for designing my cover and labels,  Jessica, The Pixelista, for designing the inside of my book, Renee Whiting for taking picture and for Cassandra, my blog assistant extraordinaire, for editing and helping me

A couple of my affiliate bloggers wrote a raving review of my eCookbook (Frugal Babe and Once a Month Mom).  It made me so proud to read it!  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate as well, just shoot me an email at


So jealous of these photos in Florence, Italy.  I got to go to Florence for spring break the semester I lived in Valencia, Spain my sophomore year of college.  It was the best week.  I can’t wait to take Penelope there one day.

Love this post on about slow parenting.

I found out about Bloggers for Birth Kits from my friend at Code Name: Mama. I just donated $10, which buys 5 birth kits. Or you can assemble your own and ship them over.  I am so lucky to have had access to a skilled and knowledgeable midwife to give birth at home, and I am so lucky to have lived less than 10 minutes away from one of the best hospitals in my area.  Other women are not so lucky.

Love this post from a father’s perpective about the sexualization of boobs and how that affects our culture’s view on breastfeeding.  All this hoopla over the Time magazine cover, while simultaneously reading the book the 50 Shades of Grey, has really got me thinking.   Maybe people are so uncomfortable with seeing a woman breastfeed, no matter the age of the baby, because it is inherently sexual. Obviously, not sexual like when making a baby, but in an energetic way.  Just like giving birth is sexual in an energetic way.  You are pushing a tiny human out of your vagina, that you made from having sex.  Everyone keeps saying breastfeeding is not sexual, but maybe we are using the wrong words in our route to normalize breastfeeding?

If you have every been to a birth, you can’t really avoid the power of the sexual energy in the room.  It’s what brings the baby forth.  To be able to attend a birth and not get in the way of the birth, you need to be able to be comfortable with that kind of sexual energy.  You need to be ok with your own sexual energy to do this.

Maybe that is the same with breastfeeding?  Maybe if people owned their sexual energy better we would care less if a mother chooses to nurse her child in public, no matter the age of the child.  I don’t really know, just writing out loud here.

Anyhoo, my dear friend Jill Welch, the Kitchen Goddess and home birth midwife extrodinare, has finally got her first blog post up!  So excited for her to enter the world of blogging.  She is off to a great start, check it out here.  It’s all about healthy eating made simple.

What are you up to this weekend?  My parents will be visiting and it’s Penelope’s first dance recital.  Can’t wait.  The dress rehearsal, was, um, interesting, so I am praying the actual recital goes well and Penelope does not get into a shoving match and make another girl cry on stage.  Which may or may not have happened at the dress rehearsal.

Have a great one!

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  1. Thank you for stating that breastfeeding *is* sexual. I have thought this many times, often in conjunction with birth – as your train of thought also went. I have often thought it is not the baby eating that is sexual. It just isn’t that simple. The breast is still a sexual object. Are women going and asking their significant others to no longer take any pleasure in their breasts because they are only for feeding babies?!?! I kind of doubt it. I do not disagree with discreet breast feeding, but this is an intimate relationship that should also be considered carefully just as sex and birth are. Just my two cents :)

    Love you blog, and your crock pot recipes :D Two bags of goulash in the freezer right now!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Somehow European countries have managed to be ok with seeing boobs everywhere (beaches, TV) and not making a huge issue of it. I haven’t personally seen how those countries treat breastfeeding women, but I wouldn’t imagine that would be a big deal either. I don’t know what my point is exactly, but humans somehwere are able to handle seeing boobs everywhere and not go completely insane, so obviously it is possible. My husband suggested raising our son, who is 1, in the European way of treating boobs like they are no big deal. Having spent some time in France as a teen, I was enlightened by the openness of boobs and bodies in general, so this idea very much appeals to me. I was proud of my husband for feeling that way too. I already tell my son that boobs are for feeding babies and vaginas are where babies come from!

    • That is great. Yes, I agree other countries are much more ok with naked bodies. I think it has a lot to do with the people who founded this country. Our puritanical roots still show in this way.

  3. Amalie Stroud says:

    I have thought about that so many times but never actually verbalized it because its what we’re supposed to convince people breastfeeding is NOT. But when my daughter is nursing and she gets so happy when she sees my breasts, she just dives into them, kisses them, lays her cheeks on them, she’s making love to my breast. But SO many people would take that the wrong way. . .

    • I know! I wonder how many women feel the same, but don’t say anything because we are all “trained” to repeat the mantra “breast is best!” and “breastfeeding is not sexual!”. I think the mantra Breast is Best is not helping matters and maybe saying breastfeeding is not sexual is either. But you are right, so many people, who have never experienced breastfeeding and the pure pleasure and joy it brings, would not understand and take it the wrong way.

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