Sock Bun for Toddlers

My daughter is in her first dance recital this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.

You can see a picture of her costume in this post,  it is off the charts adorable.

Yesterday we got instructions from her dance teacher about hair and makeup, including how to do a bun. Penelope seems to have gotten her father’s hair color and texture, not my out of control thick hair. I know her hair will get thicker as she gets older, but right now her hair doesn’t make the biggest bun.


And so I thought, well, what if I do a sock bun on her?!  If you are not sure about how to do a sock bun, it is really easy.  The sock gives it lift and support if you don’t have long or thick hair.  This is a great video that taught me how to do on my own hair a couple of months ago.

Thankfully Penelope was in the mood to let me mess with her hair, so I experimented with a couple of things and figured out a quick way to do the sock bun for a toddler.  Instead of using a sock, I cut up some panty hose, rolled it up and wrapped it around her pony tail a couple of times.

You just open up the hair in the pony tail down the center and let it fall all around, then pin the hair with bobby pins over the sock (or panty hose).

And ta da!  So much bigger and fuller!

Her natural highlights just slay me!  I have to pay good money for mine.  :)


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  1. have you seen this? good for mama’s with longer hair who can’t do that sock bun. plus? as a bonus? if you sleep with it on the top of your head, you’ve got no heat curls in the morning!!

    [excuse the shameless link to my blog, which includes the link to the tutorial video--i didn't feel like *actually* looking for the real video on youtube].

    happy sockbunning!

  2. Thanks so much for this!!! My little girl has a recital in early June and due to medical issues had all her hair fall out last spring……so now the idea of making it into a bun makes me want to cry. I can do this with it though!!!! So excited!

    • Oh bless your heart. That would make me wanna cry too. Maybe try to gently tease her hair too before you do the sock bun for added lift. Happy recital time!

  3. genius! R’s recital is this weekend as well and I was going to pay to get her bun done b/c I was at a loss, but I’m gonna try this and maybe save myself $15. I’m supposed to do full makeup too but she won’t let me come near her with eyeliner or mascara. Kindof glad though…not really feeling a smoky eye on my toddler to be honest.

    • I know, I am not sure if Penelope will be really into the make up or run for the hills. If she lets me put make up on, I will keep it very light. But putting make up on is part of the fun of dance recitals!

  4. Lissa Hinely says:

    Another good trick for dance buns is a hairnet. Give me 5 bobbie pins, a pony tail holder, and a hairnet, and I can bun ANYONE’S hair.

  5. So many uses for socks! She is a beauty!!

  6. we’re having a tinkerbell birthday party for my daughter and i’m going to try this! if it’ll hold up to dance recitals then it should hold up to a birthday party with bounce house (hopefully)!

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