Mom 2.0 Summit and Land’s End

OMG ya’ll.  This weekend was ah-mazing.  I realize the word amazing can sound trite when you use five million times like I do. But for real.  This weekend was amazing.

Life changing.  Game changing.

The Pioneer Woman has been my hero since the first week I started blogging.  I have her pretty face right next to my other tried and true hero, Oprah, on my vision boards.

Becoming a book author and having my own tv show are all things I have aspired to do and be for a long time, even before I even started blogging, to be honest.

I would watch Oprah at age 15, and experience her piercing my heart and begining my journey of personal transformation right through my little TV in my room.

Even at that age, I thought, I want to do that.  I want to help people like that.  But both ideas seemed like such a stinkin pipe dream that I settled for a yoga studio and teaching childbirth classes and touching peoples lives on a local level.

After I started blogging, those dreams resurfaced but again they still seemed so far off, so out of reach.

And I still don’t really know how exactly it can all happen, but I at least have a little bit more confidence in myself that I am worthy and what I have to share is valuable. I do know I am going to go after my dreams with all my heart.

I am not sure what will manifest, but I really hope this is only the beginning for me.

On to the clothes.

Oh, the clothes.

Maybe the clothes have given me confidence?  I don’t know, but I love them.  I love them all.  I don’t want to seem like I am just talking praise because they sponsored me.  I am totally falling in love with Land’s End.  They have captured my heart.

Everyone I came in contact with complimented me on my outfit.  I’m serious, not a single person passed me by without saying how freaking cute my clothes were.  And if you are like me, and your Love Language is praise (I wonder how many bloggers are the same??) then wearing Land’s End will make your day.

All of the outfits traveled well in my suitcase.  I hung them up as soon as I unpacked, but I never had to iron a single thing.

Everything fit well.  The designers and seamstresses and tailors at Land’s End must really care about making a piece of clothing that fits a woman’s body well.

These linen pants rock.  Like I mentioned on my MBL facebook page, I have always had hard time finding a pair that fit.  I would see a pair in the store and try them on and they never worked.  But these work.  I will be rocking these all summer long.

The linen shirt has a few details that make it a bit more than just a regular, old, white, button up, collared shirt.  I can’t wait to figure out some other outfits to wear it with.  I love that both these pieces are classics and will be in style a long time.

The conference schedule was packed but I sneaked family time whenever I could.  Penelope was in heaven.  Lots of beach and pool time with her Papa and her Omi.

So, I am not about to give ya’ll a full body picture.  My belly looks better than it did here, but it is still no where near bikini-model-level.

This two piece swimsuit is awesome.  It covers in all the right places, but doesn’t make me feel prudish.  I wanted a swim suit that I could chase after my 2 year old and not feel like I was going to flash people by accident.

I love this dress so much.  I wonder how many times I can say “I love” in this post.  The name of my blog is Mama and Baby Love and it’s about the things I love, so you had to know it was coming!

I wore this skinny belt with it.  I have never worn a skinny belt before in my entire life.  I never knew how to pull it off.

And that bag.   OMG that bag. Some days I covet a fancy designer bag, but they are all so flashy.   This bag is perfect.  Perfect size and perfect level of fancy and casual for me.


I instantly wanted this skirt even though it wasn’t a fan favorite on my Pinterest board when ya’ll voted to help me pick.  It was so fun to wear!  I need to figure out what else I can wear it with other than a white tank top, but I am really glad it is in my closet.  It came with a matching sash but I love belts right now, especially since I don’t have a teeny-tiny waste, I feel like the belts accentuate in all the right places so I added my own yellow belt.

These sandals are my new favorite. I wore them both days.  I have decided that grey/silver goes with everything.  They honestly gave me two honking blisters the first time I wore them, but right before my trip I realized that all I had to do was press down on the heal and break in the leather a bit and they were fine.  Super comfortable after that.

Don’t make fun of me for this picture.  Posing and not looking like an idiot is hard work.  My new friend Jenny (who was also sponsored by Land’s End, you can see her and Emily’s outfits here)  told me that you are supposed to bend forward a bit when you are posing.  I took her word for it, but couldn’t stop laughing.  I think I bent too much. I don’t know. The hands on the hip thing I get, makes your arm not look flabby, but bending forward, I don’t know.  I think she might have been pulling one over on me.  ;)

This dress is also a winner.  It’s professional but casual.  I can wear to a meeting or to the playground.  I imagine this one will be getting lots of use from me.

So there you have it folks.  Mom 2.0 Summit was amazing.  Land’s End clothes are amazing.  End of story.

Hurry and go buy yourself something for Mother’s Day, you deserve it!  They have free shipping for orders over $50 till May 10th.

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  1. Hey! I was NOT pulling one over on you! I think the photo looks great. I was bending all over the place in my pics! Em and I posted our complete fashion recap today, if you want to check it out. Love those linen pants, by the way, if I were tall like you I’d totally get a pair. :) It was great to meet you!

    • I guess I was just bended too much! I will have to practice more. I saw the post, and linked to it in this post actually, all your outfits were adorable! ;)

  2. You look fab in all the outfits! I’m so glad you had an amazing experience. Isn’t it the best to feel motivated, refreshed and energized! Keep it up. You’ll realize your dreams before you know it! :)

    • Thank you! Yes, those feelings are the best! I am trying to balance it all out right now and not get overwhelmed. The possibilites and opportunities seem endless, so trying to figure out where to put my energy into right now. :)

  3. You rocked the outfits! I would love to say I am on my way to lands end, but I have many more workout sessions before I am ready. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are so beautiful, you should come out from behind the camera more often!

  5. So wonderful meeting you this weekend. You looked great, and I totally have that bathing suit in navy! (Also trying your GOOT remedy today – need to get well before a trip to Hawaii tomorrow. Fingers crossed!)

  6. Mellissa says:

    I hope Land’s End paid you for this post because I just ordered a TON of clothes from them because I saw how cute/hot/beautiful/classy you look in all their stuff :) I hope it looks half as good on me!


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