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Are you looking for an awesome summer sandal for your little one?  I bought a pair of these last summer for Penelope and they are amazing.  They are a pretty penny at $30, but so worth it.  Your little one can get them wet and sandy and play in them hard all summer long and they will still look brand new.  Last summer I got a pair in tan and this year I got her a silver color.

The topic is sad, but this post is hilarious.  I haven’t laughed that hard from reading a post in a long time.  Warning: it’s about vaginas and has much colorful language.

So I did make these cookies (no sugar, no gluten) that I mentioned last week, and I did not like them.  They were not sweet enough for me and left me wanting to go hunt down a girl scout and eat a Thin Mint.  But my dear child, loved them!  She was so excited to be eating a “cookie”.   They are now my go too melt down preventer.

For all you bloggers out there, who have no formal writing education (like me!) and need some help in the grammar department.

I was a nanny for years before I became a mother, but I have never taken care of a child older than 3.  Age 0-3, I can do.  After 3, I think I may be up a creek without a paddle, but this post has some great survival tips.

I just love that Kelly Preston is still breastfeeding her toddler and finds it healing.    She also was a co-host for the first celebrity-driven event fundraising to raise awareness of the pivotal role that both breastfeeding and toxin-free living play in raising healthy children.

I think I may try to start doing more video posts, what do you think?  You can follow my YouTube channel here, I have all of four followers right now, they are lonely. :)

I need this felt raw milk jug to add to Penelope’s felt food collection. How awesome is her etsy shop?!

Are weeds over taking your yard?

It’s 4.20, so I feel like I should put in a 4.20 joke, but I ain’t got nothin.   Have a great weekend!

Oh and my friend Kim, did make it the Top 5!  I know your votes were a big help.  She is now in the running for the very top spot and could win $25k to help her business.  Voting lasts till this Sunday and you can vote 10 times a day.  Please do some more voting!

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  1. Duuuuude, happy 4/20 man!

    That’s all I got! ;) The vagina post was freaking great! I had no idea something like that even existed. Thanks for sharing the grammer post as well. My grammar and my lack of poignant writing is what I am most self concious about with my blog. You have a great weekend too!

  2. Ha! That vagina post was too funny!

  3. i love your freezer cooking. have does it for a few months now. an inspiration. thank you

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