The $4, 5 Minute, Napkin Dress

This is one of those project ideas, like my dishtowel dress, that could easily go either way.  Into the absolute-genius-category or the what-in-the-f-were-you-thinking-category.

You can be the judge for yourself, but I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

I bought some napkins at World Market, for $2 each.  I used one napkin for the front of the dress and one for the back.

Penelope wears size 4t dresses right now, she is a bit on the tall side and I like her dresses a bit on the long side, so she can get more wear out of them.

I also used an Old Navy tank top that she already had in her wardrobe, they run about $6, so even with the tank top, this dress is way cheaper than something at the Gap.

Sweet Pea, is turning into being quite the hilarious one.  Her personality continues to explode and grow each day.

The napkin had this beautiful white pipping on the edges that I wanted to accentuate.  So instead of sewing the fabric like the 10 minute onesie dress, I folded it, hand pleated it, pinned it in place and sewed one line to attach it to her shirt.

Then I sewed along the sides, very close to the pipping.  I was worried this would look dumb, or that the dress would not move properly when she waked but it came out just fine.

So what do you think, crazy or genius?

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  1. Do you remember paper bag pants? The top of the skirt part totally reminds me of them – only much more chic. Good job mama.

  2. Love it! I think it looks like something you’d pay 60$ for @ a fancy children’s boutique…you are awesome, I’m totally inspired!

  3. I think it’s really cute! It’s a total success-Especially for $4!!!

  4. how creative!!! and frugal!!!! love it!!!!! Way to go!! score!:)

  5. Molly Wintergerst says:

    Love it! I think it’s super cute! Love your blog! My son and I check it daily!! <3

  6. Jennifer says:

    Love it! Very cute.

  7. Fiona Reyna says:

    Brilliant – love it! You are so creative and talented! ;)

  8. Genius! I’m totally going to check out World Market’s napkins :)

  9. I think it is a fantastic idea! I never would have thought of it. I am even more motivated to sew now. Great job!

  10. Totally cute!!! Makes me wish I could sew :-/ whomp whomp

  11. I’m sorry but to me it’s really obvious that it’s two napkins.

  12. Its Adorable! I think it would be even cuter if you took the tank out completely added straps (ribbon?) or made it a halter dress. Its still awesome, just a little creative criticism :)
    Email me if you want to make some to sell, i just opened Love Child Boutique where we specialize in handmade kids clothes.

  13. julie tiemeyer says:

    It’s okay but probably not something I would buy.

  14. adorable!

  15. Courtnei says:

    Totally adorable! Wish I had a daughter, neice, cousin to do this for!

    Love your blog, constantly recommending it!

  16. To me it needs to lose the piping on the sides and just keep it at the top and bottom. I like the pleating but the scale of it is wrong for a dress so small and it seems like the fabric is too thick on the napkins compared to the tank. It looks like a dress made of napkins – cute napkins.

    On a positive note, Penelope is as cute as they come!

    • Yeah,I kept going back and forth about the sides. Good point about the scale. I guess I could have cut fabric out to get the right length, but that would of added lots more steps and time and I am a lazy and impatience sewer!

  17. I think it’s both, crazy but genius at the same time, very creative and it looks really cute. Way to go!!!!!

  18. Love that you think outside the box. The results are adorable.

  19. This would be even cuter if it had an Obi ( the bows that are on the Japanese kimonos) on the back, or in the front.


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