The Great Felt Food Exchange

This Easter, Penelope got lots of goodies in her basket.  We did our Easter tradition of a new swimsuit and towel and she also got a ton of felt food.

I participated in a Felt Food Exchange with 11 other friends.  My friend Kristy, from the blog Where Do Butterflies Sleep, coordinated it.  Each person made one type of food and made enough for all the children participating.

I chose watermelon, because I thought it would be pretty easy.  And it was easy, but making 24 of them was difficult.  I had planned to give each child two slices, but I procrastinated and only made one for each.  One of my friends made cheese.  I wish I had thought of that!  The bow tie pasta looks like it was pretty easy too.

Penelope got fried eggs, carrots, beets, fortune cookies, lettuce, bowtie pasta, cheese, strawberries and a pear.   This post has a bajillion felt food tutorials.  And this book looks pretty great too, if you really get into felt food making.

To make my watermelon, I used this post as a reference.   I cut out semi circle and a long diamond shape for the rhine.


You pin all the sides together and then sew along the edges.   But leave an opening so you can turn it inside out.

Then stuff with your choice of filling and sew the hole closed.  I had intentions of hand embroidering the seeds, but ended up just using fabric paint.

It was a bitch to get them all done, but it was so worth it, to see Penelope playing with all her new felt food on Easter morning.

If you have some crafty friends, I highly recommend doing this.  Keep the numbers to 8 to 10, and it will feel more managable.

Have you ever made felt food?  What are some super easy ones to make?   I might work up an inkling to add to her collection one day.

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  1. Michelle says:

    P needs a felt cake.

    I’m adding this to my to do list:baby veggie coop. And calling dibs on watermelon.

  2. LOL! Have fun!

  3. We participated in a felt food swap last month and it was a ton of fun! I made broccoli. My group had six people and that was a great size =)

  4. My preschooler loves to pretend play with food. At Christmas time I got him a mini Nordicware baking set including cookie sheet and spatula etc. I made felt cookies with icing and sprinkles. He loves them! So fun! I will have to try more. He would love this. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Emily @Random Recycling says:

    Love this idea! I may have to make the bow tie pasta. I don’t think I would ever see that in a store.

  6. I LOVE your blog! Mamaandbabylove inspired me to start my own blog. You daughter is adorable in that picture with you! I hope my blog will grow and be as successful and lovely as yours!! Happy sharing, happy life, and thanks :)


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