Spring Cleanse/Detox Follow Up

So did anyone else do the Mama and Baby Love Spring Cleaning/Detox?

How did it go for you?

It was a pretty great experience for me.  I did not do all the things I intended to do, but in the end it accomplished what I wanted.  I wanted it to be an overall healing experience for me, but I had no real intentions about exactly what the outcome  should be, I just knew I needed some time to be mindful and give my body and mind a break.

The oil pulling did not work out for me.  I tried it once and almost threw up.  I could not stand the taste of pure olive oil in my mouth.  I will have to try it again later, maybe with coconut oil and see if it goes any better.

I loved doing the dry brushing in the morning before a shower.  It really helped me to wake up and feel energized for the day.  I have kept up dry brushing, not every day, because I don’t shower every day.  :)

I drank lots of lemon water, raw milk and broth but ended up eating dinner each night too.  I couldn’t resist the dinners I cooked for my family and since they were all slow cooker freezer meals (which are very healing and easy to digest) I figured it was just fine for me in this moment.

I enjoyed drinking more raw milk. I forget what a great snack it is and how filling it is.  After the cleanse I find myself grabbing a glass of milk in between meals instead of other snacks, that may or may not be healthy for me.

I did lots of pampering of myself and that was probably the best part.  Giving myself permission to not work so hard and just take care of me.

I ended up renting the detoxing foot bath thingy, so that was awesome.  I did one, every other day, for a full week.  I will have to do a post on it soon, it is just crazy to watch the water turn brown and all disgusting as it pulls out the toxins.

And I did end it with a colonic!  I lasted much longer this time and she told me that my gas was much better.  She could tell my diet and digestion had improved.  I still had gas and that made it painful at times, so I know I am not where I want to be digestion wise.

So tell me all about your experiences!

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  1. No, I didn’t do this (I must have missed your first post in March). But I just went back and read that. Awesome info…thanks for sharing.

    Have you heard of or read The Beauty Detox Solution, Kimberly Snyder? I read the book last summer and have been pretty much following her plan. It’s not a detox for a set number of days – just a lifestyle which incorporates a lot of what you wrote about. She is very into the mind/body/spirit connection and colonic’s too. The book has really had a big influence on my life.

    Thanks again for sharing. I am all about this dry brushing and foot detox thing.

    • I will have to check out that book, thanks!

      • obviously you can find her yourself…but I was excited to share her blog. This is a page from her blog I thought you’d enjoy. http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/blog/yoga1/ She is an amazing yogi and all the pics here are her. Her guru is Paramahansa Yogananda; and my guru is her!

        I am not much into the celebrity scene and don’t get caught up in that world so I try and ignore all the celebrity stuff when I visit her blog. she has been making appearances on the Today Show and GMA quite a bit b/c she is a nutritionist to some celebrities. But after following her so closely for almost a year, I actually get a funny sense (does that ever happen to you about a complete stranger?!?) that the celebrity scene isn’t really her thing either (but who am I to judge).

        If you want to quickly get a taste of what she’s about and get a feeling for her either way, she has a lot on YouTube. I actually just watched her video to have her guide me in making her Probiotic & Enzyme salad as she calls it. (raw, fermented sauerkraut). It turned out perfectly!

        Okay…sorry to clog this beautiful post with info that doesn’t relate to it. I am done. Have a great day (or night).

  2. I have been reading about oil pulling lately and wanted to ask you about it. I searched your site in case you had posted previously, and all I found were posts from your last spring detox, and how it didn’t work for you (this post!) Have you tried it since w/ coconut oil? This winter has been insanely rough to me-I was hospitalized in Dec w/ pneumonia for 3 days, had the flu in January, a few colds in the past few months, and now I am sick again w/ very mild pink eye. I take FCLO (the cream, not even the capsules!), vit b complex, milk thistle, vit c, netti pot, no soda/juice, only water, eat 80/20, I am just amazed at how poorly by body is doing! So, I was thinking of oil pulling w/ coconut oil (I cannot IMAGINE having olive oil in my mouth for that long!) and implementing dry brushing and epsom salt baths on a more regular basis. I do know I need more sleep, but such is the life of a mom, not sure when that’ll will actually happen :) I do drink coffee which I try to skip days here and there, and have almost eliminated grains completely from my diet as I think I have an allergy, and also take in some form of bone broth almost daily (which I would like to increase). Anyhoo, this was not meant to be such a long post!! I intended to only ask about oil pulling… thanks for your thoughts :)

    • I have not, but I am actually going to try it this week while I on my 7 day cleanse. I will let you know how it goes. You also might want to check out the Four Fold Path to Healing.

  3. Thanks :)

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