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I love buying original art.  My house has several pieces, some handed down, some from our travels and some from unknown artists at local fairs.  I was looking around Etsy the other day and came across  Hallie Lu Ya watercolors and fell in love with one.  The one I bought was a print, but it’s still special, it reminded me of my son and I just needed to have it.

Are you a Home Ec superstar?  I am feeling pretty good, I can’t change my oil but I can do a good amount of the stuff on this list!

The last couple of weeks I have noticed that a couple of my front teeth on the bottom are sore and sensitive.  I have never had any teeth problems, never even a singe cavity, although I have had major orthodontic work done from overcrowding and a severe cross bite.  So of course, I am diving into some natural oral care information because I know you can heal your cavities and gum disease naturally, I just don’t know any of the details.

First up, I am going to start brushing my teeth with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and salt.  Mostly just for an experiment to see if it helps the sensitivity.  I would also love if it whitens my teeth some.   Next up, I am going to read the book, Cure and Heal Tooth Decay.

Need to save this for when Penelope is a teenager.   I feel like I need to start preparing and educating myself on teenage parenting NOW.  I used to tell mothers that I worked with at my yoga studio, that 9 months is not enough time to prepare.  Young women need to start reading books about birth and babyhood parenting before they are even married.  So I am applying that same theory to teenage- hood, so I gotta get started ASAP.

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Ok, one last request, and I am done.  Will you please vote for my friend Kim, owner of the Polka Dot Press.  She is a good friend and designed my ecookbook cover for me.  She is in the top 20 of a national con
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  1. I love the watercolor print you chose. Very touching. I don’t know if your area has something like this:

    A good friend of mine experienced a still birth 9 years ago and this organization and its annual walk has played a big part in her journey. I’ve walked with her over the years and it is a wonderful event that remembers and celebrates the tiny lives lost. I’m sharing it with you because before the walk a balloon is let go for every baby that is being remembered. There is always an inspirational song playing and with the balloons soaring in the sky it is a very moving moment.

    I applaud you for your courage to share your story with all of us. It’s not easy stuff, this motherhood gig and I certainly don’t know you but from what I can tell… you are doing a great job. (I don’t know if any of this is coming out the way I hope it to or if I’m just seeming creepy and weird but I just wanted to share this with you)

    • Our area does have something similar, but I have always felt out of place, like a miscarriage is not as important as still birth. But that is interesting that they let a balloon go, I wonder if that is why I felt called to the piece. Thanks for your comment, not creepy or weird at all! It’s nice to know people are reading what I wrote!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Hey, if you’re looking for cool new art, check out this amazing artist who is local to me! She takes kids’ art/drawings and makes them into great paintings.

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