Link Love 3.30.12

I recently got an iphone and have been looking around for good tutorials, I like this one.

I didn’t see much comments on my Mercury Retrograde post I did for Wholesome…are ya’ll not into astrology?  It’s so fun!

This article got lots of comments.  It’s interesting to read everyone’s perspective, it never it crossed my mind that someone would think the story is untrue.  The hearing is in May so we will find out more then, but I really do think it happened.  Do I think all nurses and hospitals are evil?  Absolutely not, but I have been in my fair share of L&D wards in hospitals as a Doula and sometimes it is shocking what goes down.

I have not done jack in regards to Easter DIY projects.  Have you made anything cool yet?

I did manage to make Penelope a dress and a top this week, I will show you soon!

Hope you have a great weekend!  I am so stoked about the Placenta Encapsulation workshop I am hosting at my house with Mother Rising.  I can’t wait to meet the instructor and the other students and learn more about healthy living!

And lastly, speaking of placentas, one of the bloggers I met at Blissdom, wrote about a post about placenta encapsulation and mentioned me in it.  I love how she said that although, she still wouldn’t do it, she didn’t think I was weird.  And I feel even less weird knowing that January Jones did it too! :)

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  1. Good luck with your Placenta Encapsulation Workshop! I’m sure it will go very well. :)

  2. I am so interested to hear about the results of the hearing in May regarding the horrible situation described in that article you posted. Please update us! I think it’s certainly possible that the article described the situation accurately. My only issue with the article was that it was a little heavy-handed in making generalizations about hospitals and social workers. I did find it terrifying that what seems to have happened is even possible. Do social workers really have that kind of power to take away children for disagreeing with parenting choices? I don’t feel like I know much about it at all, but the article thoroughly freaked me out.

  3. Julie Morrison says:

    I looooove astrology & the mercury retrograde article. I actually visit with an animal communicator regularly to make sure my dogs are happy emotionally & physically & one day she mentioned ‘well I don’t know if today’s a good day to do this bc mercury’s in retrograde right now’- I think that’s how she said it & I had NO idea what she meant. But after reading your posts, it totally makes sense. I didn’t remember to google it when I got off the phone w her so ur article came at just the right time! U ROCK!! ;-)
    As far as that terrible hospital & social worker- it makes me SO frustrated that they were treated so poorly. Kinda reminds me of ur blog about bullying. I hope they get some kind of justice. Legal or…. Otherwise. Keep up ur awesome blogging my friend!!

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