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This week, it’s been on my mind that Penelope is so pretty.  And it scares me.  She is blue eyed and has her father’s natural tan, and she is going to be tall and blond.  1 in 4 girls are sexually abused in some way.  1 in 4.  That’s insane!  Protecting her from sexual abuse, is one of my biggest priorities.  I was happy to have come across this post and this one to give me some concrete ideas on how to do that.

Did you see the picture of Penelope’s tiny newborn baby self all cozy in my wrap?  I love that picture so much and loved that it was included in the Natural Parent’s Network Babywearing Wordless Wednesday round up.

Breastfeeding may be on its way to getting its own Lady Gaga or Bono. Loved this article about why celebrities who breastfeed are important.  It mentioned an awesome organization, Best For Babes, that is actually one of my freelance PR/Social Media clients!  I will also start writing some breastfeeding blog posts for them soon, can’t wait!

Ya”ll saw my fun experiment with acupuncture to help wrinkles right?  My face is not as smooth as a baby butt, but it is waaay better than it was!

I just got some super pretty fabric from Jacinda’s (of Prudent Baby fame) new line of fabric.  I think I am going to make some sort of variation of this with it.

Is the pollen driving you crazy?  It may not be the pollen that is bothering you and it may be a sign of how your digestive system is doing.

It’s a sweet baby girl for the preggo Mama giraffe we saw at the Miami Dade Zoo during spring break!

At Blissdom, De Wafflebakers waffle company was doing on site video tapings, looking for their next star to help with promotion.  My friend Lisa Waszkiewicz made it as a finalist out of over 1000 women!  She has a great blog, and I would love if you hopped over and voted for her.  Thank you!

We start potty training this morning.  I am slightly less terrified now that the day is here, but please say a prayer for us!  She is still in love with the Everyone Poops book, and now when she poops she does the sign for poo and says “everybody poop!”  The Princess of the Potty book is her second favorite.  Big thanks to everyone who recommend potty books on Facebook.

I ended up buying some Grovia brand cloth pull ups for her “night time panties“.  I  am so thankful that these are the market!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great links! I was literally thinking to myself the other day about how a parent is supposed to bring up sexual abuse to a child. Even though I have a boy I still think it is important to address. Of course you don’t want to scare them or teach them to constantly live in fear but they need to be aware. It’s unfortunate that we have to worry about things like that…

    Congrats on your upcoming writing on Best for Babes. I know you have a ton of knowledge that people will appreciate. Have a great weekend!

    • The statistics for boys are 1 in 6. So boy or girl, parents need to be vigilant. Most of the time, it always with a family member or someone the child knows. Makes me sick.

  2. Hi Stephanie-
    I’m a big fan of your blog & felt the need to comment since I work in the sexual abuse field. (I’m a therapist who works with children who have been sexually abused by someone in the family and/or trusted adult. As we know, that’s typically how it happens.) A good way to introduce the topic to younger kids is to talk/read books about “good touch/bad touch”. “Bad touch” including all bad touch (i.e.: hitting, kicking), not just bad sexual touch. This is a way to introduce the topic without giving too much unnecessary detail to younger kids. Additionally, it is important to remember that children are (for the most part) taught to obey adults. Unfortunately, since children are so innocent and trusting, they don’t have the skills yet to discern when a situation calls for NOT obeying an adult (such as sexual abuse). Also, it is definitely important to give the same messages to boys & girls about sexual abuse. The statistics on the rate at which boys are sexually abused is often thought to be under-represented as boys tend to be less forthcoming (in general) about disclosing abuse than girls. There are likely many more cases of boys being sexually abused that simply aren’t being reported.
    Thanks for writing about this topic! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Thank you so much for commenting Nicole! That is so sad to think the number for boys is misrepresented and higher than I knew. I am going to email you now about doing a guest post for more info for parents!

  3. I have a 6′ blond13 year old. All leg. Sexual abuse terrifies me. Thanks for the links. We talk about it. More in depth as she gets older. But she’s still 13 and very innocent in so many ways. This is definitely one subject you cannot overshare. P.S. Thank you for the pancake shout out :)

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one who is terrified. My pleasure, I hope you win!!

  5. The subject terrifies me too! Everyone says my boys are so beautiful (when babies) and handsome. My oldest is only 4 right now and the only time he isn’t with me or his father is at Sunday school, our church is strict about the workers, they go through special training and background checks, we have men guarding the doors into the childrens wing, you can’t get in without a parents or teachers pass. So I’m comfortable leaving him there.
    But I am talking to him anyway.

  6. My daughter isn’t blonde or blue-eyed, she has long dark brown hair with big brown eyes… She is very beautiful as well. ;) As a mother, I also am teaching her that her body is a temple and beautiful. I think its very important for all mothers to teach their young kids this message.

    • I bet she is! I didn’t mean for that to come out that only blue-eyed, blond, tall and tan girls are pretty. My thought process was that her look is the stereotypical American male fantasy of what our culture typically deems as the most beautiful, which made me wonder if that put her at more risk for being sexually abused…

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