Friday Link Love

It’s baaaaacccckkkkk…..

Friday link love used to be one of my favorite things to do, but it was one of the first to go when life got too crowded.

I have vowed to get up a 5am everyday so I can reach my business/blogging goals and not take time away from Penelope.  I am not promising that I can keep this up weekly, but here it goes…

It was Toddler Week up in here!  I talked about how to get the most out of your kid’s clothes, how I got my toddler to sleep through the night, and what breastfeeding a toddler is like for me.

I asked the good folks over on the MBL Facebook page for some great sites and posts that were toddler related and boy did they deliver.  You are over there with us, right? Joy of Nursing Toddlers Photo Gallery  Just beautiful.

Play at Home Mom Love sites like this.  I always end up doing something lame like getting out a bowl of soapy water for Penelope to play with.

Galley Kitchen Creations- my life with a whisk and a toddler  Some seriously cute things going on over there.   If I could only bake.  Sigh.

Where Do Butterflies Sleep.   This is my Tallahassee homegirl!  Love her, so glad she finally got this post up about her awesome felt toddler calendar creation.

Mom Hearts Pinot  Um, yes, I heart myself some Pinot too.

Nicole over at Baby Food Scoops, has got some serious good information about life with the tots.  Here is her advice on Grocery Shopping and Travel. looks like an awesome resource.

For all you crafty mamas here is a cute tute on how to hem toddler pants.

So glad I read this post about taking a toddler to the dentist for the first time, the flavoring in the cleaning gel has food coloring in it, yuck!

101 Things To Do with a Toddler.  Word.

And lastly, I love pinning ideas I find to my Toddler Art pin board over on Pinterest.

Having a toddler is so much fun, but DANG they are a lot of work, right?!

Have a great weekend.


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  1. Thanks for sharing our dentist story! It was eye opening to hear about food dyes in the cleaners for kids. argh.

  2. Heather campbell says:

    Just wanted to let you in on another website you may not know about. I believe she has created a site and wrote a book on 365 things to do to get outside daily. Some are just common sense yet I forget about them unless I look at my list. Try it out you may enjoy.
    have a blessed day:)

  3. Those are some really great sites! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

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