Manatees at Wakulla Springs

Last month, we spent an amazing Sunday afternoon at a local state park called Wakulla Springs.

Every winter the Manatees come up the local rivers and hang out in the warmer water.

They are such cool animals!  Penelope is in love with all types of water animals; dolphins, whales, mermaids, fish, and now manatees.

She got such a kick out watching them swim by.  We even got to see a Mama and Baby nursing, she has several books about baby animals nursing, so that was exciting.

Wakulla Springs has some swiming/diving docks and you can just walk up and see the manatee’s.

I about had a heart attack when we were up on the diving platform.  I kept asking Peter if he had a good hold on her.  Makes me nervous!

You can also go on a boat tour.  I highly recommend the boat tour.  So much fun.

There is a ridiculous amount of wildlife to see on the boat tour.  It really made me feel blessed to live in North Florida.


We love to hike and be outdoors, so we try to do something outdoors on the weekend, a couple of times a month.

Where is your favorite local, outdoorsy place to visit?

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  1. Just beautiful! I didn’t realize you were in Florida! We are in Sarasota in the NICU with our newly adopted baby girl!


  2. You know, with the hundreds of times (thousands? I did grow up here and every field trip that wasn’t to the Jr Museum was to Wakulla Springs) I’ve been there, I still haven’t gotten to see manatees live and up close.

  3. I’m pretty sure the alligators would freak me out to much for the boat ride! Looks beautiful though!

  4. Vanessa Demeter says:

    Had NO idea we have manatees! Would you mind if I reference you/your site and this and post a link to it on TallyConnection?

  5. My husband and I went to school at Fsu and live in Atlanta now….we loved the caverns in Mariana and canoeing in the main river in Mariana…Torreya state park is nice too! Although both are a bit of a drive from Tallahassee….we love living in North Ga but miss places like Wakulla. I cant wait for spring :) Thanks for sharing the pics of your fun day!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m from Tennessee so most of our outdoor adventures are camping out in the mountains, but our favorite vacation spot is Alligator Point in Wakulla County. The boat ride at Wakulla Springs was one of the most amazing experiences ever. It felt like a trip back thru time. We didn’t see any manatees but my son was fascinated by the alligators.

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