Fight Colds and Flu with GOOT!

Ingredients for GOOT a natural antibiotic.

I have been using GOOT for three years – I first tried it when I had pneumonia for a freaking month. I was so lucky to have a M+BL Facebook follower mention this remedy to me and it is now my go-to natural remedy. I checked out this recipe and modified it a bit in hopes of intensifying the healing results. She used 3 cloves, I used 11, that is just how I roll. :) If you are using this on a new baby, reduce the clove amount and test on a small part of the foot to make sure there are no reactions.

If you have a regular old virus, cold, fever, or flu, this is the stuff you need! Even better, this is perfectly safe for babies, toddlers and kids!!

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup olive oil

10 or 11 garlic cloves, peeled

Throw everything into your food processor and blend that baby up.

GOOT recipe- an all natural antibiotic for colds and flu.

It turns it into this very smooth, milky texture. When the oil is room temperature it is runny, but in the fridge it hardens.

GOOT salve, garlic, olive oil and coconut oil, a natural antibiotic.

Put a lid on your mason jar (here are some small mason jars perfect for this recipe) or container and it will last in your fridge for about a month.

When you are fighting a cold or infection, slather it on your feet and cover with two pairs of socks. Use old socks because you never really get out the garlic smell. I even put two plastic bags around my socked feet to make sure that no oil gets through to my bed sheets (oil is very hard to wash out).

If you can bear it, when you have a cough/sore throat, put some on your chest. If you have a sinus infection, put it in your nostrils. Ear infection, in your ear. I kid you not, I have been slathering it on my abdomen to help prevent an infection from my last miscarriage.

Do not wash the socks with any other clothes. All your clothes will smell like garlic, TRUST ME!

So are you wondering why in the world you would put something slimy and stinky on your body instead of taking medicine? Well, for one, it WORKS! And if you are fighting an infection and have to take antibiotics, they will kill ALL of the good bacteria in your gut at the same time and that will really mess with your health.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I don’t know how or why, but it is. When you put this salve on your skin, it goes straight into your bloodstream to help you feel better.

For good measure, I eat a lot of garlic when I am fighting something as well. I saute them in olive oil and then eat them with cheese and crackers.  It is delicious!

If you are a little braver and want a garlic remedy to eat, try this one.

So are you a GOOT believer?!

Fight colds and flu with GOOT. It WORKS!

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  1. I’m certainly willing to give it a whirl! I have a nasty cold right now that doesn’t seem to have any intention of going any where. Thanks for the advice.

    P.S. My daughter is Penelope too!

  2. I so am! I believe garlic has a lot of health benefits for sure.So sorry to hear about your miscarriage I hope you are doing o.k blessings~Kim

  3. Would this be safe to use one kids? I can’t think of why not, but wondering if you had any experience, thanks!

    • Oh yes, I forgot to mention that in the post, I will add something about that right now, thanks! I use this on Penelope whenever she has a bug, which is very, very rare, thank God. She does not like the slimy feeling, but puts up with it.

      • Be careful though! I used it in my daughter and 2 out of the the 3 times she has ended up with red “burn” marks (for lack of a better word) and I have to wash it off after an hour because she wakes screaming. I have used it on myself and been fine though. Maybe try between two layers of socks for littles.

        • Hmm, yeah I could see it being sensitive on face skin for some little ones with sensitive skin. I have only ever put it on my daughter’s feet.

          • I did put it in her feet. I don’t know why, i handle it fine. Just though I would put it out there.

          • Ah. I was thinking you put it on her face for a sinus infection or something. That is really interesting that you put it on her feet and her cheeks got red. Thanks for letting me know.

          • Antonietta says:

            I think she reacted to the garlic….that is a lot of garlic…the original recipe is 3 Tbsp coconul oil 3 Tbsp olive oil AND 3 Tbsp garlic…. garlic in that quantity burns for sure especially kids sensitive skin.

          • It is a lot of garlic, but my recipe has more oil so the ratio is only a little bit more garlic. And garlic can burn sensitive skin, in any amount, it’s dependent on the person, allergies and skin sensitivity. That’s why putting it on the feet is a good idea, because it is not as sensitive as other areas of skin. But if you have any inkling that your child is more sensitive or allergic to garlic, you can just put the tiniest dab on the wrist and see what happens.

        • Jessica C says:

          Its possible your little one is allergic to coconut oil. My son and I are allergic to beeswax and get the burning sensation and scalded skin when it touches our skin… Maybe try it in a spot minus one ingredient at a time to see what the reaction is to? My guess is the coconut because I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic to olive oil… Hopefully not garlic!!

  4. Emily Kilseimer says:

    Definitely trying this! My fiance and I both have a nasty bug but hate antibiotics!! How long would you leave it on your feet?

  5. thx for the awesome all-natural remedy! i’m always looking for new ones to add to my “arsenal”, especially now with an almost 2 yr old, who isn’t breastfeeding anymore. REALLY hope this works to prevent infection for you. i had a miscarriage at the end of last year (#2), and was really hoping for it to be natural, at home, like my first one (which i also buried in my flower garden like you did)… but my body held on for dear life to my baby and i wound up in hospital with an infection/fever the week before xmas. hope your heart and body are slowly healing. :)

    • I totally know what you mean. When I found out about this remedy it took away a lot of anxiety I had about Penelope starting preschool without having breast milk to help her immune system. Thanks for your comment about my miscarriage. I think that is exactly what was going on, I was refusing to really “let go” and thus my body was holding on to the last little bits of tissue. Lots of love to you.

  6. I just this on Dr. Oz the other day minus the oils. He chopped up garlic and put it on his feet and swears by it. Of course the audience was grossing out!

  7. Love this idea and will be trying it! We usually use coconut oil and Thieves oil on our feet. My girls ask for it when they aren’t feeling good. It’s their special oil!

  8. I’ve got a cold now but am afraid to try this because I’ll stink like garlic when going to work. Obviously Id shower but I know garlic is so strong. Is there any lingering garlic smell after you showered the next day?

    • If you only put it on your feet, you wont have any lingering smells. I could sometimes still smell it on my chest or face or hands after washing it off, but feet will be fine. Feel better!

    • It is possible that sleeping with this on your feet could result in garlic breath the next day. Just the concentration of it could even make your perspiration have a light garlic smell. Years ago I used to laugh at our Amish friends because in the winter they smelled of garlic. When I asked why they said they use it heavily in the winter to stave off colds. Our friend said he hated smelling like a garlic clove, but his whole family did, so no one in the home noticed. This may not happen, but it could. Just be aware. Nevertheless, smelling like garlic is a whole lot better than spreading colds and germs :)

  9. Couldn’t you spread it on toast or use in cooking also? Taking garlic and coconut oil internally is also very good for you

  10. I used GOOT on my 2 year old after she had a fever all day and nothing else worked. Two hours after putting it on her feet and sending her to bed, her 103 temp was a perfect 98.6!!! I was amazed. The garlic was strong but in the morning there was no scent of it left and my daughter was happy again :)

  11. Sorry to hear of your miscarriage…hope you are healing well, both physically and spiritually. Was wondering if you could use 1/2 cup of olive oil and just omit the coconut oil all together? Or perhaps use an alternate oil? Hubby has allergies, coconut being one of them. I would think with 11 cloves of garlic, it wouldn’t matter if you used motor oil :)

    • Hi Tina. Thank you. I think omitting the coconut oil would still be very beneficial. Coconut oil has many health properties and benefits, but you are right, the garlic is the work horse in this remedy.

  12. YAY! I can’t believe I am just now seeing this post but I am soooo glad it helped you. Thanks for passing it forward for everyone else to learn about. After all you share with everyone, I’m excited that I was able to share this with you! God knows I love my GOOT.

    Take care Sweets!!!

  13. Laura Bickmore says:

    Sooo maybe I did this wrong – but after using my GOOT, garlic ended up everywhere! I read from your post to blend in a food processor, and I am thinking I should have used my Vitamix Blender instead of my Cuisinart Chopper – because even though it was smooth and milky, it turned out it wasn’t THAT smooth because I ended up with couscous sized garlic flakes all over my sheets! ACK! Talk about smelly. I had a moment and dumped about a tsp of rosemary oil in the washer after saoking them and I am pretty sure the garlic smell is gone, now.

    So my question – should I blend the GOOT smoother next time? Or double/triple wrap my feet in socks? Perhaps both?

    On a side note, either the GOOT or eating almost 2 bulbs of roasted Garlic destroyed the evil bugs attacking my throat, but the nose/head congestion is strill trying to stick around.

    • Oh no! Yes, I blend till the GOOT is very, very smooth. And I double up on socks. I wash them by themselves and put them in a plastic baggy in my sock drawer in case their is any residue garlic small. For the congestion, have you tried cutting out sugar and dairy for a couple of days? That might finish it off. Or search my Netti Pot post and check that out too. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Lindsay Tosky says:

    Would this be safe to do while 21 weeks pregnant? I am miserably sick with a horrible cold, and I will try anything! We don’t use any antibiotics and use all natural remedies, but this is a new one to me. Thanks for your insight!!

    • oh yes! this is perfect for pregnancy. It is not detoxing or anything. It is just going in and killing all the germs. Coconut oil and olive oil are very nutritious too, so that is always great during pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon!

  15. Nandi A. Crawford says:

    I came on this site via my Kindle and lost this page, so was happy I found it again and wrote down the recipe. down here where I live, sinuses reign and I bought the stuff today. couldn’t get the coconut oil like I wanted but that’s ok, I got more here. I plan to use it tonight for the sinus. I even wrote it down and personally I don’t care about no garlic, in my household, we are aware of the healing properties of garlic so I don’t mind and thank you.

  16. I am glad I found this on Pinterest! My son is battling some weird virus right now, and his fever comes back every night. I’ve been feeding him garlic in all his meals, and giving him smoothies with veggies and fruit, but I bet this will be the added kick to get rid of that bug. I think I’m going to go mix some up right now and put it on his feet – he’s already asleep so it should be pretty easy. ; )

    • That is amazing he will actually eat garlic! I try and try to get my daughter to eat and she is having none of it, so putting it on her feet, is the only way to get it in her! Hope your son feels better soon!

    • Jessica Sutherland says:


      My kids had a similar symptoms and finally took them to Dr. and it ear infection. They would scream in the middle of the night but couldn’t explain what causes them to pain. During the day their fevers went away.

  17. I LOVE garlic!!! I used to eat so much garlic and onions before I had kids I never had to wear bug spray….lol…my husband would get eaten alive, but not one bite on me….lol

    • That is a great added benefit! It’s getting to be skeeter season around here, so I will have to remember to keep my garlic intake up even after flu season is gone. :)

  18. Jessica Sutherland says:


    We are currently station in central texas area.. My daughter and I have severe allergy to the pollen in the area.. Do you happen to have natural remedy. We have used chinese herbs and honey but to certain point it help some but still major problem in Texas area. : (

  19. I am totally a GOOT believer. Was skeptical, but after a week plus with a bad flu I was willing to try anything. Slathered it on last night and woke up this morning a new woman! Sickness not all the way gone, but the improvement was incredible. Will do it again tonight! Thanks Stephanie!

  20. Laura Bickmore says:

    Hello again! So after getting another cold I am ready to try your GOOT again, but just wondering, have you ever considered putting some strong onion in the mix? I was just reading some posts/comments on this article ( about putting onions on your feet and it got me thinking… :)

  21. Could you use already minced garlic in a bottle? Or is it more effective using whole garlic cloves and chopping it up?

    • I have never tried! I bet it would work fine, great idea!

      • Hi Erika and Stephanie, as a pharmacist, I thought I might be able to help out a little bit. I just wanted to let you know that the active component of garlic is allicin which is responsible for the antimicrobial activities. With that, it is released with active chewing (or recently blended). If it’s already minced, you may not achieve the full effect as you would using whole cloves. Therefore, garlic capsules or powders would not give you the same benefit. Hope this helps! :-)

  22. Hi, you may have already answered this but is this safe to use on children under 2? I have a 15 month old who is very stuffed up and we leave for vacation in two days :(

  23. Curious about using this on my abdomen after a miscarriage, like you mentioned… Mostly how long (and when, how often, etc) do you leave it on and does the smell come off easily? I typically shower at night (just easier with kids and our busy mornings!). But wondering how I can fit using this into the mix (without going around smelling like garlic). Does the scent wash out of your clothes easily, too? Esp when you use it on that area, since it’s not on socks but a top or your pants that would get smelly. ;)

    And I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for your miscarriage post. I’m so sorry you went through that. At the same time, I’m so thankful that you shared your experience. I’ve been meaning to comment on that post to say so – it was so very helpful! We’ve been dealing with recurrent miscarriages and the most recent was a missed miscarriage. I had time then to scour the internet for tips on going through it naturally, and your post was a huge help!! We think there is still tissue remaining (was just a teeny bit last time we checked – but haven’t heard results from the u/s we had last week yet) – the miscarriage occurred July 3rd, and I have no signs of infection, so we’re hoping that’s b/c of some of the natural methods I’ve been using. But now that it might still be there after so long, I want to take any measures to help ensure nothing develops while we wait to decide if we can continue waiting or if we need surgery (hopefully not!). Anyway, I thought I might try the garlic to help make sure things stay infection-free – couldn’t hurt! Thanks again!!!

    • When I put it on my abdomen, I didn’t leave it on overnight. I toss and turn a lot and I didn’t want to get it all over my sheets. So I just got myself set up on the couch after Penelope went to bed to watch TV for the night and put some on, then I washed it off before I went to bed.
      So sorry to hear about your recurrent miscarriages. Acupuncture/homeopathy was a big help in helping me expel the last of the tissue, so you might want to look into that if you haven’t already.

      • Thanks!! I will make this up asap and try it out! And I definitely want to look into some more natural ways to treat this, if possible, before we head to our new fertility dr next month. Any tips on finding someone in homeopathy? I just don’t really know where to start there. I do have an acupuncture rec from a friend, as well as a chiro that a couple friends have recommended. I was going to do acupuncture when we were waiting for the miscarriage to start, but it ended up happening before we called. I even spoke with a local herbalist when going through the miscarriage and used a tincture she sells at a birth center not far away once I was already having contractions (I think it really did help them be more effective). I always am interested in finding someone in homeopathy, etc – just not sure where to start! Thanks so much for your tips!

        • I would ask the chiropractor and acupuncture dr if they have a good homeopathic dr recommendation. Usually these kinds of health practitioners are apart of alliances that help promote others in related fields. And there is always good ole Google. ;)

  24. I am going to try this and see how it works out for me. I have never use antibiotics, just suffer and wait for the body to take care of the cold and flu. My cold just started so I want to see if this will take care of it before it gets worse, I hate having the cold. grrr… Thanks for this info. :)

  25. Glad I found this! My 3 month old caught a cold this week and now I have it too. I’m going to whip up a batch tomorrow! 2 things I have learned. Raw Garlic is TOO STRONG for little ones sensitive skin ( it will burn them). My midwives warned me of this ahead of time. I put fresh crushed garlic in a squirt bottle with olive oil. That way it’s marinated and still have the properties but garlic does not come in contact w skin (stays in bottle). The other thing is once garlic is heated it loses the good stuff. So freshly crushed or pressed garlic is what you want.

    • Maybe for babies, but my daughter has never gotten burned from the raw garlic. I only put it on the bottom of her feet though. Yes, raw garlic is what the recipe calls for. But eating cooked garlic is still good for you.

  26. This is awesome! My hubby has been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks now…how quickly does this work?? THANKS so much!!! I’ll be saving this one for sure!

  27. I read through most of the comments…..looking for an answer to my DUH! question……but could not find it!
    What does GOOT stand for??

  28. hilary chala says:

    What is the dosage? When should I notice an effect?
    Has anyone tried just eating it?

    • Dosage is whatever you want it to be, If I am really, really sick I will re apply every couple of hours, if I am just under the weather fighting a virus or cold I will just put it on at night. I have tried to eat the GOOT as it is, but I do like to eat raw garlic, especially when I am not feeling well.

  29. Yes! Finally something about chinese herbal products.

  30. My 3 year old has a terrible cold and I saw your recipe today and put it on his feet before bed. Just went into his room to check on him and his entire bedroom smells like garlic! LOL. He is being a great sport sleeping with 2 pairs of socks. Thanks for the remedy. I hope it works wonders. Also, since it only lasts for a month, what do you do with any unused amounts? Thanks.

  31. I’m SO glad you said put it on your feet I thought you about to say drink it and I was about to hurl. LOL

    • LOL! No, but there are some people who do a similar recipe and EAT it. I can swallow raw coconut oil, but I prefer it in coffee or tea. And I can do raw garlic too, but I don’t think I could ever just do a tablespoon of GOOT down the hatch!

  32. I love this recipe and can’t wait to add it to my families flu fighting repertoire this winter! Thanks so much and I absolutely love your site!

  33. I didn’t read through all of the comments, so sorry if this was already asked. Just whipped up a batch tonite, and applied to Nora’s sick feet. How often do you apply to a sick baby? Also, do you use it profalactively, or just when sick? If yes, have you noticed it beneficial to your over well being? Thanks, Steph!

  34. Update. I put on her feet while she was sleeping, and two hours later she woke up in the silliest, sweetest mood ever, and her fever was gone. I reapplied and put it on her chest, b/c she was coughing. I put it on her feet again this morning, but she is nearly symptom free. Yay!

  35. I’m son has horrible allergies and within the last month has developed a horrible cough associated with it. We have tried everything to get his cough to subside especially at night. Nothing was working and he would just cough all night and never get any rest. Last night, we tried GOOT and while he still coughed some, it was a remarkable improvement. Everyone in our house actually got sleep last night.

    Thank you so much for your blog. It has helped me time and time again!

  36. Isn’t there a concern for botulism growth because of the garlic and oil?

    • If you were to make a huge batch and let it sit out for a long time and then eat its possible, but highly unlikely. But this small of a batch, stored in the fridge, and used topically, no.

  37. My 4 month old has a cold, could I use goot on her? Should I do less garlic? I just made some I am sick too I am going to try it on myself. Please let me know if anybody has put goot on a baby that young. She is still breast feeding and some formula. Thanks

    • Yes, it is fine, but just be very watchful if her skin is too sensitive. you could always just put coconut oil and no garlic if that would make you feel better. she will get garlic through your breast milk too, so if you eat some raw she would get it that way too.

  38. Yes! Ever since Jacque told me about GOOT it became a household item. I also make a similar recipe as a salve and add oregano essential oil.

  39. i am wondering can i use this method during my pregnancy i have a really bad cold that sometimes turns into sinus infections and i was wondering if this is safe for my pregnancy or not?

  40. Hello, I am not sick but my husband is. My kids and I made this and applied just for preventive measures. I’ll apply to him later and see how it works. I put it in a tiny jar and had leftovers which I put on some breAd and baked in the oven. Was pretty good. I as is eat raw garlic… Well more like swallow crushed up garlic so the taste doesn’t bother me and I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of garlic. I keep sniffing my kids lol. While house smells delicious!

  41. I have a four month old baby with a wet cough. I had to take him to the emergency room today because he couldn’t spit out the phlegm and seemed he was choking. The Md didn’t prescribe anything because he is too small. We came home and had two more episodes of choking with the phlegm. I want to try the GOOT. Do I follow the recipe or decrease the amount of garlic? Also if I apply at night, do I leave it the whole night or only for a few hours?
    Thank You

    • I would not decrease the amount of garlic, but you should always go with your gut. You should test some on his skin, just a tiny dab, and see how he does with that. Garlic can burn sensitive baby feet. I would do it before bed and naps. Hope he feels better soon!

  42. I have 3 grandaughter I’ve been raising and it seems every year the colds and flu gets worse lasts longer and antibiotics don’t work at all. Ages 1,3,5 and the youngest has it the longest a month this time. Fever cough runny nose body aches and pains and then the rest follow suit. This is the first time I have tried this I did the skin test to make sure no allergies. Then got them all that night feet socks. They all slept through the night and the oldest starting getting sick last 2 days she is perfectly fine no more fever no more aches and pains lil bit of runny nose left and a lil congestion will try feet and chest tonight. This stuff is a life saver seriously.

  43. Britni Monaco says:

    Our 1 year old has recently started getting stuffy noses at night. Will this help? Should I use the exact recipe or use less garlic? Thanks!

    • It may. But a stuffy nose not associated with a cold, is more likely allergies. Try eliminating the top 8 food allergens and she how she does. And if you are breastfeeding,then you would need to eliminate as well.

  44. Grandma Juli says:

    My daughter came to visit from Colorado Springs with my grandson, and I was so ill with an upper respiratory infection. She slathered “Goot” on my chest and bottoms of my feet, put socks on me, and put me to bed. I was so stuffed up that I couldn’t even smell the garlic! We continued for 3 nights. Started feeling much better! She’s crunchy, I’m not. But it sure got me thinkin’! By the time she left, I was off of caffeine and drinking organic Echinacea tea, and completely off dairy, using organic coconut milk in it’s place!


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