How to Choose the Right Yarn and Crochet Hook

The next post in our Beginning Crochet Video Tutorials, begins at the VERY beginning, how to find the right yarn and crochet hook, thanks again Ayana!

I planned on posting the single crochet stitch next, but some readers posted an excellent question.  I realized when I read their questions that I hadn’t started from the BEGINNING.  Like, what yarn to get
and the crochet hook that goes with it.

Choosing Yarn
The yarn that you get will depend on the project that you are working on. 

For example, if you are making a dishcloth, you should to use 100% cotton yarn (for its absorbancy and ease of wash).  I usually get the most inexpensive cotton yarn I can find, since the only thing that matters to me when I am making the dishcloths is that it is 100% cotton and cheap!  Some Walmart stores even sell this yarn on a really large spool.

Of course, if you get a soft novelty cotton yarn, you will have really
nice dishcloths – that will get stained (from spaghetti sauce), and
faded (from constant washings).  You may end up annoyed that you wasted used your nice yarn making it.

If you have really nice, soft novelty yarn, I would recommend you use it for something that you will wear and want to last for a long time.  

There is nothing like wearing a scarf made from some quality yarn! 

But if you are a cheapie (like me!) I recommend you use a really soft
acrylic yarn like Hobby Lobby’s “I Love this Yarn” brand or Caron’s
Simply Soft Yarn.

I have NOT had a good experience with Red Heart’s Super Saver.  It is tempting to buy because of the range of colors and the extremely low price.  But, crocheting with scratchy yarn is not a good time.  Besides, who will you give a scratchy sweater to?

Also, for a beginner, I would recommend you use a simple, plain yarn.  Don’t get the kind that hides the stitches with fur or other embellishments, like the one below.


The amount of yarn you will need also depends on the project (duh).  I know you know that, but I needed an intro for this paragraph.  If you use a pattern, the creator will tell you about how much you need.  If you are making it up as you go along, it is a bit tricky.  For example, if I were making that scarf from the previous post,
I would probably buy 2 skeins of yarn.  

But if you want it really long and really thick – maybe you should buy 3 skeins.  The beauty of that scarf is you can’t mess it up!  And with the leftover yarn, there are some really nice stash buster patterns.

Choosing a Crochet Hook
Most yarns have the recommended crochet hook size on the label.

1: recommended crochet hook size, 2: recommended knitting needle size,  3: amount of yarn on skein, 4: type of yarn, 5:washing instructions

Unless you are looking for a particular effect (when making amigurumi toys, for example, I use a much smaller hook than the recommended size), or trying to get the correct gauge (more on THAT later), you can just use the recommended size. 

Hooks also come in different materials: plastic, aluminum, bamboo, glass, silver, gold … 

Yes.  There are some people who only use the best of the best.  Not
me.  I just use the aluminum.  I like how the yarn slides on it (and the

Do you want to go yarn shopping with me?  Yes?  Well, come on then!

I hope this helps you get started!  Let me know if you have more questions!

Ayana is a crafty mama of two who loves everything crafty and is kinda obsessed with thrifting.  She blogs over here and vlogs EVERYday over here.

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  2. I disagree about the Red Heart Supersaver. When you wash it, all that scratchiness goes away. I’ve used it many times and love that yarn. Just sayin’

  3. Kristina Gehring says:

    What would be your recommendation for the type of yarn (not looking at brand, but what its made out of) for making a skirt? I’m looking to create my own skirt, something long (right above the ankle) but I want it light-weight enough to be able to wear any time of year. I also need it to hold its shape fairly well in the hips/waist/rear area. I’m a plus size woman, and can’t seem to find any patterns to fit my measurements, so I’m going to venture out on my own. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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