Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

It is a Pinterest kind of Christmas around here.  I mean really, do you even remember what the world was like before Pinterest?

Last year, I gave away an entire bin of decorations, in an effort to just have less stuff.  We live in a house with over 2000 sq feet and in a matter of 7 years, we have filled every inch and corner with stuff.

It all started last July, when I started packing, when we were about to move to Chile.  I just gave away everything I had packed up, because I realized I didn’t even need it or miss it!  I have been slowing clearing out stuff, ever since.

So this year, I reduced down again, and gave another two boxes of Christmas stuff away.  I only kept the stuff I really, really loved or that was a family heirloom.  Has anyone else gotten rid of Christmas decorations this year to simply life and have less stuff?

Of course, I also wanted to make room for a few new pieces, but overall I still have way less stuff in the house.

Ok, so the felt Christmas tree.  Took all of 20 minutes.  Cut out a big ole tree, mine is about 3 feet tall.  I got the green felt for a couple of dollars in the remnant bin at Joann’s last Christmas.  I had enough to make two trees and gave one to my friend.  Miss P is not the biggest fan of it yet, but I really like it.  She likes to make Mickey Mouse’s out of the ornaments.  I just did circles for the ornaments (I used some of my gorg bamboo felt) but if you get really inspired you could make fancy ones like these.

As I was cleaning out all of my decorations, I realized I had 9 boxes of red glass ornaments in one bin.  I slightly remember buying them, thinking, they are so cheap!  I could do a ton of different projects with them!  And never did.  Because there was no Pinterest back then to light a fire under my arse.

I finally put them to use and made a wreath.  I used this tutorial, it called for more balls (hee, hee that’s what she said), but I was not about to run to Micheal’s just to get one more box, of balls, so I made due.   You can see that mine could have used a couple of more (can I get away with another that’s what she said joke here?) to make it more full, but whatever.

I saw this idea from the one and only Martha.  I used all of Penelope’s old Christmas socks and went out and bought the rest.  You can get Christmas socks at Target for $1.  I hung it up in front of her play room.  It is not exactly functional this year, because I didn’t put anything in them.  But baby steps!  I was thrilled just to get it done!

I put stickers on the socks instead of embroidering on them.  Less time and if for some reason I want to use them or repurpose them, I can just rip the stickers off.

See that little red and white stripe one with the green ball on the heel?  I bought those for Penelope her first Christmas.  Her feet were so small then!  Sigh.

Yes, here is Miss P, at 4 weeks, in jeans.  There was no lounging around in plain onesies for her.

I also made Christmas trees with lights for the front porch.  I had both the tomato wire and the garland already.   I couldn’t get a good picture of mine, but you can sort of see them in the background here.

I was also inspired by my Candy Cane board and instead of putting cranberries into my glass vases like I normally do, I put candy canes inside. I also wrapped red ribbon (that I had on hand) around the big white columns on my front porch and made them look like candy canes.

And lastly, I changed up my shelf/mantel from last year and did a couple string of lights instead of pine tree branches.

So there you have it!  Do you have any easy, cost-effective holiday decorating ideas to share?

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  1. Michelle P says:

    Super cute. I want to be more creative this year with decorations.

  2. OMG! Chile? I am from Chile! I have followed your blog since I saw a pin of yours on Pinterest. Are you still planning on moving to Chile, let me know if you need any info.


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