Recycle, Reuse Refashion: Infinity Scarf for Mama

While I was making some new scarves for Penelope, I did a scarf refashion for myself.

I have had this big, chunky scarf for almost 10 years and I love it. It keeps me so warm!  But it was huge and it had some stains on the ends of it.

So I cut off the ends, and I used a scarf that I already have as an example, to know how short to cut it.  If you were to cut out a piece from a yard of fabric, you would do a 12 to 15 x 24 rectangle piece and sew the short ends together

When I had my basic rectangle shape, I sewed the end pieces together and ta da!  Chunky, knit, Infinity scarf for Mama!

Please forgive this horrible picture. My husband has been out of town for weeks and this is what I am reduced to, in order to get blog photos. If you wonder why I haven’t done a Mama yoga post in a while, this is why!  I am giving Penelope a digital camera for Christmas, so maybe she will be able to take pictures of me soon!

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  1. The Annessa Family says:
  2. Great idea! I have a box full of old scarves that could use a refashion like this. Plus, it seems like a quick enough project that I can squeeze it out during the baby's naptime.

  3. Love this. I have a chunky red scarf just asking to get refashioned.

  4. Looks great! I wish I had a chunky old scarf like this to refashion!

  5. Love this idea. And also wonder what digital camera have you chosen for Penelope? That is a great idea for my lil who is always using the camera on my phone.

  6. This is far off of the subject of scarves, but in your recent pictures it appears that you have lost weight. I've read that you are preparing for possible baby #2. Are you doing something to lose weight in preparation for that or do you have any weight loss tips to lose the baby weight?

    Enjoy reading your blog, 1st time commenting.

  7. @Anonymous…So glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for commenting! I love to hear from my readers! The photos in my header were taken in March. And yes, I have lost some more weight. By March, I had lost all my pregnancy weight and little more and then I continue to loose about 10 more pounds. I need to do a post about what I did this summer to loose those last 10 pounds soon!

  8. I'm sorry but you looked on the skinnier side of the scale – not the optimum weight that you would want to have when trying to conceive. In my opinion it's not healthy.

  9. @anonymous..thanks for the concern, but I think this picture is more flattering than reality. I still have plenty of good fat to grab onto. :) I fluctuate between 128 and 133, depending on where I am in my cycle. I am 5'6" so my BMI is still very much in the healthy range.

  10. I think you look great & I would really like to read a post that would give tips to a new Mommy on how to get back to pre-baby body. I didn't mean to open discussion for negative comments on your weight. You seem very healthy if you actually read your blog. :-)

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