DIY Baby Infiniti Scarf

I was so excited when the cooler weather arrived because Penelope and I love to wear scarves.  Last year she wore a scarf of some kind, pretty much every day.  

As I started pulling out her scarves, I noticed a couple of things.  The original one I made, was a regular, long rectangular scarf.  It was from an old American Apparel scarf of mine, that I cut in half and gave to her.  But this regular scarf did not stay on well, while out playing, only her No Sew Baby Cowls did.

But when I looked at those, I realized that with just a little bit more effort I could make a better one.  I still love these cowls, and if you don’t have a sewing machine or much time, MAKE THOSE,  it is far more important for your kid to being wear a scarf than to be wearing a perfect one.  They are ridiculously easy-just cut off the bottom of an old t-shirt/dress and bam, you have a scarf.

But if you have a sewing machine, some basic skills and a few minutes, try it this way for an updated, and little bit more refined look. 

And making this version of an infinity scarves, with fabric rather than a t-shirt, gives you much more options with colors.

I also didn’t like how all her No Sew Baby Cowls were different widths and lengths, some looked better on her than others because of that.  So I picked the one that fit her body best and measured it to create the new version.

The first thing I did was sew the ends together, of that very first scarf she ever wore, and turned it into an infinity scarf.  Less than 30 seconds, and DONE!  Just sew the ends together and cut off any excess fabric with pinking shears.  Then place your stitching in the back when you put on the scarf.

To make this type of scarf with fabric, cut one piece 40×10.  Then sew the short ends together to make a loop.  Pick a type of fabric that does not fray like a jersey or a flannel.  And you are done!

I also wanted to make a fuller, warmer version as well.

I cut two rectangular pieces of red chenille, 40×10.

Then sewed them together, right sides facing, along the long side.

Then I turned it inside out, and that gave me a long tube.  Then I sewed the ends together, to make the scarf.

There a couple of ways to do this, I choose to do a French seam to give the scarf a finished look, but I am still a pretty basic sewer, and I am sure there is a million other ways to do it.  Here is another great Infinity Scarf (for a Mama) tutorial.

And that is it.  The whole project will take about 15 minutes, from cutting to sewing.

Now, go make your little one a scarf and keep the flu and colds away this winter season!!

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  1. I LOVE the look but I'd be so scared to have something that has no open ends around my toddlers neck. Just a word of caution…accidents canhappen so quickly with little ones.

  2. Ok this is ADORABLE. I love it. Wish I had a little girl to put a scarf on! My boys would not put up for this! lol

  3. Stephanie says:

    @Unknown…it is good to think about that, but she is never out of my site, so I feel comfortable with her wearing it. She has been wearing a scarf since she was 10 months old, and has never got it caught on anything.
    @Krissy..thanks!! A friend of mine has a little boy and he totally rocks it. You should try!

  4. Salena @ A Little Piece of Me says:

    Oh gosh how adorable!! Now if it only got cold enough here in Hawaii. Lol. Love it!

  5. Very cute hair on your daughter. I am like unknown, you need to be careful with that long of a scarf. Especially since it sounds like your little girl is accident prone from the broken arm and almost broken ankle.

  6. @Anonymous…thank you! She just recently started letting me do fun things with her hair. That is a good point, she is a wild child!

  7. What a cute idea! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and have really enjoyed your posts. My children are all older (youngest is 12) but I've found a lot of tips relevant to any age. My daughter would love one of these scarves. I think it's time to put on my crafty momma hat :) Thank you for sharing

  8. @Unknown….oh my gosh, this would look adorable on a 12 year old little girl!!

  9. Ahh careful, anything around a toddler’s neck can get caught as they play and jump and with their little airways they can asphyxiate quickly. I’m a doc and I’ve seen this happen when a necklace got caught on a slide on the way down and the child did not survive. I’ve also heard of the same thing with the strings on hooded sweatshirts. An infinity scarf would be worse. This is not safe! Please be careful Moms!

  10. Totally cute scarve and adorable hair. I agree with the concerns expressed about having something wrapped around the neck, but I also understand that it can be used responsibly. It’s one of those parenting things that you have to just think about and be considerate of that factor when choosing to put the item on your child. One other note, I think you meant fleece, not flannel in you paragraph about the choosing a fabric that will not fray.

    • Totally. When I was a full time stay at home mom and it always me taking care of her and watching her I felt comfortable with her wearing the scarves. But now that she is in preschool, I send her to school in a turtle neck instead of a scarf and she can wear the scarves on the weekend. And yes, I meant fleece, thanks!

  11. I love the scarf and wanted to make it for my girls. However, I do agree with the safety issues so instead of sewing the scarf together I used Velcro to hold it together in the back. Wanted to share this because I feel it’s a win/win. Our kids can look cute, keep warm and be safe.


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