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One of the blessings of being a woman of childbearing age myself, is that I know lots of other women of childbearing age, that are busy bearing children.  And that means I want to give lots of gifts and go to lots of showers.

I mentioned on the MBL Facebook page, that I love kids birthday parties because they are a celebration that the child is here and healthy and should they should be honored (not something to complain about like this Mom), and like birthdays, I love celebrating my friends pregnancies too.

I wish I could go and drop serious cash on each and every preggo friend, but alas, I can not.  But I found the perfect handmade gift to give instead.

Warning, if you are reading this and you are pregnant friend of mine, you will be getting this gift.  :)

The combination of a coordinated burp cloth and crinkly toy is perfect.  The burp cloth takes like 2 minutes to make and the crinkly toy about 15 minutes, when its all said and done.  They both use just a tiny bit of fabric, so it is a great way to use up some your scrap fabric. 

And it is cheap.  It probably costs me less than  5 bucks on supplies for this gift, but if I were to buy this at boutique it would be MUCH more!

To make the burp cloth, you cut out a rectangle the length of the burp cloth and top stitch all around.  Seriously, less than 2 minutes.

Here is my tutorial for the crinkly toy.  This toy was one of Penelope’s first favorite toys.  She could clutch and play with this way before she had the ability to clutch all her wooden Haba toys.

This was the only thing that would keep her happy on car rides when she was a baby.   It was a God send.  Not only is this toy adorable and easy to make, it is something your preggo friends will be grateful to have received it.

What is your go to baby shower or new baby gift?

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  1. ~Sharyce~ says:

    I have several preggo friends and family! Cant wait to make this! thanks so much for the idea!

  2. this is exactly my go to baby shower gift! easy and practical but still SUPER cute :O)
    i can see some of that mom's points in her article but i think she needs to take a deep breath, feed her kids a big nourishing meal before parties, and start enjoying life a little :O)

  3. I received both of these hand made gifts at my baby shower and they are awesome! I will be making these for my pregnant sister in law.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Let me know how it goes when you make them Sharyce!
    @Elise…I can totally see where she is coming from too, but I have your attitude about it too!
    @Anna, how lucky are you! Someone gave me the crinkly toy and burp cloths as a gift when I was pregnant with Penelope as well, and I started making them after that!

  5. Amanda and Chris says:

    A really easy baby gift is a rag quilt done with flannel. It took a little while, but I am a beginning sewer and it was SUPER easy to make.

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  8. I too make the burp cloths for mommies to be and I would like to know where to find the crinkly part for the baby toy ?, I have bought my grandchildren the cute little animals with the crinkly tummys , and such, but would love to make one like you have above pictured. because for some reason baby’s also love the tags too. I also make receiving blankets to match the burb cloths.

  9. Grandma Higgins says:

    can you tell me what kind of “material” do you use for for Crinkle in the square toys?

  10. You can skip the turning right side out part by ironing half inch seams onto each of the pieces, then pinning the taggies on the wrong side (Inside) of one, laying the cellophane Inside and then Setting te Top piece On it and top stitching around the square. No need to turn.


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