Pinterest Love: Apple Birthday Party

I am officially in full birthday party planning mode!  So exciting!

Last year, Pre-Pinterest, to find inspiration, for Penelope’s first birthday, I spent hours and hours and hours searching google and blogs to find ideas and tutorials.  Then I had to copy and save the link in a google document to refer back to it.

But, ah, my beloved Pineterest, has changed everything!  Now I have too many ideas! I need help narrowing it down.  The menu, the decor, I want it to be beautiful, but as always, I want to do things that are as easy and quick as possible.

Here are a few of my favorites from Penelope’s Apple Theme Birthday board.  You can see the whole board here.

So what do you think is a must have menu item? Must have decor item?

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  1. The Annessa Family says:

    Bobbing for apples :)


  2. I LOVE this theme for a birthday party! Those green apple candles are so clever. There are so many cute things you could do with this! Have a fun birthday with Penelope!

  3. bethany jane. says:

    Heres a cute idea (and it's great for little ones):

  4. Can I just say how much I love your posts! I don't blog nearly enough but I'm hoping to really start blogging more. My issue is I'm a transplant from another site. I've had a "diary" online since 2001. If only I had enough thought to take pictures of projects I do and blog about them, I'd be more interesting. I make bows, decorate the house for every holiday, and am always crafting. Reading your posts inspire me to blog more.

    I love love love your posts :)

  5. @Brooke…I thought about that, and it probably would be really fun, but I am so worried about making a huge mess and getting the kids wet on a possibly chilly Fall day, that I x-nayed it. But that could be a fun afternoon play activity for us, for sure!
    @Laura…thank you!!
    @Bethany Jane…that is an awesome idea, thank you!
    @CajunFleur…you should blog more for sure! I like what you have so far. Blogging has changed my life. I love having this outlet to share. One tip, your posts don't have to be long, when I first started out, I thought that they all needed to be magazine article length, but really 300 is just perfect. So that took some of the pressure off me.

  6. I have been so disappointed in your blog lately. I feel like it has been lacking content for months now.


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